Tarot Pathworking for Insight - A Guided Journey Inside a Tarot Card

Pathworking using Tarot is a meditative and imaginative technique that involves using the images and symbols of Tarot cards as gateways to explore the subconscious mind, for personal development, insight, ...and problem-solving. Each Tarot card, especially those from the Major Arcana, is seen as representing a path on the Tree of Life in Kabbalah, embodying specific energies, lessons, or archetypes. Path Working inside a tarot card.

In a pathworking session, a practitioner selects a Tarot card that resonates with their current situation or the aspect of themselves they wish to explore. They then enter a meditative state and visualize themselves stepping into the card, interacting with its figures, landscapes, and symbols as if they were part of a vivid, interactive dream. This immersive experience allows individuals to gain deeper emotional and psychological insights, confront inner obstacles, and access guidance from their higher self or the collective unconscious.

The practice emphasizes personal interpretation and intuition, making it a highly individualized and subjective experience. Pathworking with Tarot can be used for spiritual growth, enhancing creativity, solving problems, and understanding one's path in life. #pathwork #pathworking

This is a small excerpt from the 90 minute class called TAROT MAGIC - Learn to Weave Spells Using Tarot Cards which can be found here:

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