Two Men equals More Soap, Less Stress

Two Men equals More Soap, Less Stress

Roy has finally retired from his stress laden job at the State of Tennessee after 28 years. We’ve been talking about it for years, planning for the day when we could work side by side in the company. Two men equals more soap production, faster turnaround times, less stress and time to return to doing fairs, markets and special events. It is also the beginning of having more time to actually work on our vegetable garden, take day trips when the mood strikes, or have a coffee shop office day.

Of course, he’s also working out in our home studio where he takes clients for Reiki and Shamanic healing sessions. His website for sessions is

It’s nice to throw away the alarm clock and wake up naturally. No more ironing of work clothes that require ties and stiff shoes. Today is one of those coffee shop office days at Bongo Java in Nashville, TN across from Belmont.

Nashville Reiki Master – Shamanic Practitioner- Healing Amulet

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