Tangerine honey soap recipe


This recipe smells really wonderful in the shower but you can’t let it sit too long before cutting it into bars. Something about all the citrus in the recipe makes the loaf become really hard after twenty-four hours. If you find that you would like to anchor the tangerine scent a little more, try replacing half of the sweet orange essential oil with patchouli.

24 ounces soybean shortening
10 ounces olive oil
10 ounces coconut oil
13.5 ounces water
6.2 ounces lye
2 ounces tangerine orange essential oil
1 ounce sweet orange essential oil
¼ teaspoon yellow oxide
¼ teaspoon red oxide
1 teaspoon powdered or regular honey

follow soap making instructions. See tab on top of every page that says HOW TO MAKE SOAP.

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