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Holiday Spice soap recipe


During Victorian times, it was popular to make po-manders to scent the room, especially at Christmas time. Normally, one would take an orange, puncture it with holes and fill the holes with whole cloves. Sometimes, it was then rolled in cinnamon and placed on a dish to scent the room. When dried, some used pomanders as ornaments for the holiday tree. Like the spice tea soap, some of the ingredients speed up trace. Feel free to use a bit more water if you run into problems. The best solution is to work quickly and get your traced batch into your mold.

24 ounces soybean shortening
10 ounces coconut oil
10 ounces olive oil
15 ounces water
6.2 ounces lye
1 ounce patchouli essential oil
2 ounces sweet orange essential oil
12 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil
½ teaspoon brown oxide colorant
1 teaspoon powdered clove
1 teaspoon powdered cinnamon

follow soap making instructions. See tab on top of every page that says HOW TO MAKE SOAP.

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