Oils for Different Skin Types

Oils for Different Skin TypesThe various types of oil react in different ways with the skin. For example, grapeseed and rice bran oil are good for nearly all types of skin – light, beneficial and rapidly absorbed into the skin.  Wheat germ oil acts as a preservative, so it’s good to include some in all massage oils.  Generally speaking, you will find that the following oils are good for these skin types.

Dry skin:
almond, castor, cocoa butter, grapeseed, olive, rice bran, wheat germ

Normal skin:
almond, corn, grapeseed, sesame, rice bran, sunflower, safflower

Oily skin:

Oils that are effortlessly absorbed into the skin are:
corn, grapeseed, rice bran, sesame, sunflower and wheat germ.

Less easily absorbed oils are:
sweet almond, avocado, coconut, olive, apricot and peanut.


It’s good to develop a skincare practice to keep the skin in excellent condition, or to repair it if it’s in poor condition.
In addition to the type of skin you have, two factors decide the number of times a day you need to follow this routine: your occupation (clean or dirty) and whether or not you live in the clean air of the country or you are surrounded by pollution in a big city.  Air conditioning will also make the skin need more moisture.
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