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Waterproof Labels

Several years ago when we started carrying bottles of essential oil, we went in search of a good waterproof label. We had tried regular labels but the oils smeared the ink, most of the time removing our company name or the website – and that sure isn’t good for business.

We use the weatherproof labels from Online Labels. The exact one is found here. These are the full sheet waterproof labels, meaning, we print several labels on a sheet and cut them out by hand. I know, it sounds like a lot of extra work but we found that so many products looked better by using these vinyl weatherproof labels that one size just wouldn’t do. We use them on any product where wet hands may come in contact with the container. They are great on essential oil bottles, bubble bath and shower gel bottles and even bath salt bags. They are even smudge proof when it comes to carrier oils, so we also use the waterproof label on bottles of massage oil.

The cost is $59.95 for 100 sheets, lower if you order higher quantities. Shipping is usually around $5.00.  Total of $64.95 or 65 cents per sheet.  Seems like a high amount but not when you do the math in regards to how many labels you can get from each sheet.  Twenty essential oil labels fit to a sheet, bringing the raw cost (without ink and your labor) down to less than 4 cents per label.  Not bad for a quality waterproof label that will make your products look more professional.

We have always used the Weatherproof Matte for Inkjet.  The labels also come in Weatherproof Polyester for laser printers and Weatherproof Glossy for Inkjet.  However, if memory serves me correctly, I tried a few sample sheets of the inkjet glossy label once and it didn’t perform as well, taking quite a while to dry and did smear a little versus the matte finish.

Tip on using the waterproof labels – only CUT OUT the labels that you need at the moment, leaving the rest you have printed on the full sheet, preferably with a slight border around it.  A fresh cut into the vinyl label peels more easily than a pre-cut label that has sat in a folder for months.

Also, keep the new sheets in the hard plastic container they come in.  Over time, as you use up your labels, the edges begin to slightly curl up.  I simply curl it back the opposite direction before feeding into the printer tray.

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