Shiny Shower or Healthy Skin

Customers amaze me sometimes. Okay. I admit. I get amazed by them on a weekly basis.

Recently, a customer came in complaining about itchy skin. I asked her what kind of soap she used. She said DOVE and a variety of shower gels from the mall. I went on to explain to her how our soaps are made with oils of olive, soybean, shea and coconut. That they were only scented with real essential oils and the coloring either came from spices or minerals. Nothing unnatural for her skin to disagree with.

And what do you think she said?

“I’ve tried using good soap before. But, you see, I have this really nice shower with shiny tile. When I use real soap, I have to wash it more often.”

At first, I just sort of looked at her, searching for the right words. “There’s a reason for that,” I said. “The tub is staying clean because you’re washing YOURSELF with detergents. And what do you usually use when you clean the tub?” I asked in a leading tone.

“Detergent?” she said.

“So, you’d rather have a super shiny shower that people hardly ever see than to take great care of your skin which people see all the time?”

“I know. But I love my shower.”

“Do you have a second bathroom? With a shower or tub?” I asked her. (Her husband is laughing at the entire conversation)

“Yes,” she said.

“Good.” I told her. “Trust me. Just buy the soap and it will help with your itchy skin. Just use it in the OTHER bathroom.”

She bought three bars. Sometimes, you really have to work for a sale.

– Gregory White

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