Sandalwood Patchouli Soap recipe


Sandalwood is my absolute favorite oil. But it is super, super pricey! A one ounce bottle may cost you as much as $85 plus shipping, sometimes more. But, you can always substitute fragrance oil for the real thing — or, use part sandalwood fragrance oil and part sandalwood essential oil. Another replacement is an essential oil called Amyris, also known as “poor man’s sandalwood”. Whatever your wallet decides, the recipe below is based on the assumption that you’re ready to make the real thing! By the way, the patchouli seems to make the sandalwood scent a bit stronger.

13 oz. coconut oil
20 oz. olive oil
2 oz. castor oil
2 oz. palm oil
3 oz. shea butter
4 oz. sunflower oil
13.2 oz. water
6.2 oz. lye
1 oz. sandalwood essential oil
2 oz. patchouli essential oil
follow standard soap making instructions….

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