Tarot Of The Abyss


Tarot Of The Abyss – Like any other experience, tarot readings start out as empty and shapeless as the darkness. As we grow and learn more about the cards, we move from a dark chaos to a well-organized, bright world. Ana Tourian has made a beautiful tarot deck that shows the journey of the soul through the world in both the Major and Minor Arcana. Includes a 148-page guidebook and an 80-card deck with two extra cards.

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Tarot Of The Abyss Review

Tarot of the Abyss is the kind of deck you’d turn to if you wanted to dig deeper into the darkest parts of your thoughts. It would also be a great working deck for a professional reader because the artwork gives you so much to work with.

This deck has 80 cards and two bonus cards. One is an alternative version of the Three of Swords, and the other is for the Ten of Swords. Whereas the Alternative Card version gets its meaning from the mathematics of the number 3, the Triad, and the element Air, which is about the mind. So, in this case, the alternate Three of Swords is about how the mind grows and expands, and how there are many ways to look at and understand knowledge. The fact that the three swords go through the Book of Thought shows that the pages will be opened. The way the words float off the page toward the figure shows that the information is alive.

This deck is full of creative choices like that, which really add to the standard RWS images. Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows that I sometimes feel like new Tarot decks don’t do anything new or innovative. The Tarot of the Abyss shows that even in the year 2021, it is still possible to look at Tarot in a new way that gives you a deeper understanding of the cards. When I look at the Minor Arcana, I think the picture of a child torturing a butterfly in a jar shows how cruel and useless the Five of Swords is, and the picture of the birthday cake (below) shows how the Four of Wands is all about celebration and happiness.

The Tarot of the Abyss deck’s Court Cards are beautifully drawn and show parts of the cards that aren’t always clear in other decks. Because of how much this deck is based on RWS imagery and how powerful the card pictures are, I think this would be a great deck for readers of all levels. This deck is easy for beginners to understand and works with any Tarot book that uses the RWS method. More advanced readers, on the other hand, will find new ideas and insights in this deck, which makes it worth buying even if you already have six other RWS-style cards. The Tarot of the Abyss will give your readings a new angle and show you things that other decks won’t.