Steady Work Hoodoo Oil


Steady Work Oil is to help obtain and maintain stable, well-paying employment over the long term. Whether you’re seeking a new job or striving to secure your current position, this oil can assist in drawing consistent opportunities and fostering job security. It can also be used to support the continuous growth of a business, ensuring steady progress and financial stability.

To use Steady Work Oil for personal employment, start by anointing yourself with the oil before job interviews, meetings, or significant work-related events. Apply it to your wrists, forehead, or the soles of your feet as a ritualistic act to invite stability and reliability into your professional life. You can also anoint your resume, cover letters, or business cards with a small amount of the oil to enhance their appeal to potential employers, imbuing them with the energy of long-term success.

For those already employed, Steady Work Oil can be applied to your workspace, such as your desk, computer, or office door, to ensure ongoing job security and career advancement. Regularly anointing these areas helps create a protective and prosperous environment, warding off any negative influences that could jeopardize your position. Additionally, incorporating the oil into daily affirmations or visualizations focused on job stability can reinforce your intent and attract positive outcomes.

When using Steady Work Oil to support a business, it is particularly effective when combined with Money Drawing Oil. This combination enhances both the stability and profitability of your enterprise. To do this, mix a few drops of Steady Work Oil with Money Drawing Oil and anoint your cash register, business cards, doors, or financial documents. This blend works synergistically to attract consistent revenue, loyal customers, and long-term growth.

Furthermore, you can integrate Steady Work Oil into candle rituals aimed at promoting job security and business continuity. Anoint a green or brown candle (colors associated with growth and stability) with the oil, then light it while focusing on your desired outcome. Visualize your career or business flourishing steadily over time, with each flame symbolizing a step towards enduring success.

Overall, Steady Work Oil is more than just a magical supplement; it is a dedicated ally in your pursuit of professional stability and business growth. By using this oil in your daily rituals and practices, you can attract reliable job opportunities, ensure long-term employment, and foster a thriving business environment.

Some ingredients include: Gravel root, pine needles, clove, wintergreen, basil, and other herbs and essential oils in a base of fractioned coconut oil.

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Steady work oil