Serpentine minerals have a symbiotic relationship with our heart center, assisting us in manifesting our deepest wishes. This will assist us in our ability to love and express compassion. Serpentine minerals assist in the release of unwanted emotions that seem tethered or fastened to our bodies. If you still believe you were wronged, it will be incredibly difficult to let go of these feelings. Serpentine minerals will work as a dissolvant, allowing these clingy emotions to be released. The relief will be well worth the effort once they have been lifted.

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Serpentine aids in the activation of Kundalini Energy, an ancient Tantra teaching involving a vibration at the base of the spine. This energy is thought to be coiled up like a serpent while dormant. Deep meditation, the usage of Serpentine crystals, and yoga are all ways to tap into this inner force. A Kundalini Awakening effect will begin to occur as the energy is released.

The green color, patterned appearance, and slippery feel of serpentine are the most noticeable physical characteristics. The word “serpentine” comes from the fact that these resemble a snake to the spectator. Serpentine is highly prized for its translucent diaphaneity, waxy sheen, ease of shaping, and ability to take a polish. It is a popular gemstone, building material, and ornamental stone because of these qualities.

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