Rose Skull Soap


This large skull soap adorned with a flower crown is scented in our amber rose blend and colored in blue and pink

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Rose Skull Soap

This is a large 6.5 oz bar adorned with a crown of flowers is scented in our Amber Rose blend with top notes of sweet vanilla chutney, smokey Indian agar wood, and other aromatic herbs; Middle notes of soft roses, orange blossom, and a kick of spice; and base notes of sandalwood, ambergris, and raspberry.
Altogether, this soap is spicy, floral, fruity, and complex in its scent profile, which would seem contradictory but is, in truth, actually extremely complementary to each other.

“Do not worry about your contradictions – Persephone is both floral maiden and queen of death. You, too, can be both.”

6.5 oz