Money Drawing Hoodoo Oil – Prosperity spell


All the ingredients used in our money drawing oil are historically known to be money drawing in the hoodoo tradition.

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We use the money drawing oil every day in our shop and keep a green candle anointed with it burning all hours the store is open. All the ingredients used are historically known to be money drawing in the hoodoo tradition. This money drawing oil contains: alfalfa, fenugreek, cinnamon, vertiver, and other herbs and essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil. For bringing more money into your household or business. 4 dram bottle (.25 ounces)

Use on purses, wallets, and wherever you deal with finances and money. (If wanting to use on papers, checks, business cards and other paperwork, try our money drawing powder instead.)

Papa Gee’s notes on his condition oils: “I select ingredients for their magical and spiritual properties. From there, I consult my Spirit Guides who direct me exactly which ingredients to use. There may be one herb and flower that history says should be in a certain blend – but, if my Guides so ‘no’ then that ingredient doesn’t go in. The blends are proprietary – meaning, I do not divulge all of their ingredients. I do, however, mention some of the ingredients used in each blend to satisfy curiosities.

I only use real essential oils in my condition oils. Being an aromatherapist, I suppose I am a snob that way. Besides, I have never had a Spirit Guide ask me to use artificial chemical fragrance! Logically, why would they? The base of the oil is fractionated coconut oil. I use this because it is clear, rubs into the body quickly and does not go rancid.

I create each condition oil the exact same way every time. When measuring the essential oils I count them one drop at a time into each bottle. To me, this adds even more intention into each bottle rather than premixing a large batch of conjure oils then bottling them up. Due to the nature of what they are used for, the personal touch of a magical practitioner is an important factor. As I said before: I add the herbs one pinch at a time and the essential oils one drop at a time then fill the bottle with the fractionated coconut oil.

From there, the bottles are cleaned and labeled then taken to my altar where a candle is lit for them and they are prayed over, asking that they will help all that use them for their intended purpose.”