Invoking The Egyptian Gods – Page and Biles


Delve into the powerful undercurrents of Egyptian magick and be forever changed. This book presents authentic rituals to invoke the gods. Step into their hidden realm, where true gnosis and healing are found.

A deeply spiritual experience unfolds as you begin to invoke the deities of ancient Egypt. Discover your true magickal name, create a doorway into other dimensions, receive messages from the Neteru, and become one with the gods once again.

Call upon Isis for boundless love
Invoke the warrior goddess Sekhmet for protection
Summon Nut to unleash your creativity
Reconnect with Hathor, Osiris, and many other gods and goddesses
Combining elegant rites with an evocative description of each deity’s myths, this book invites you to begin a soul-level transformation and awaken to your own strength, power, and divinity.

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Invoking The Egyptian Gods