House Blessing Candle – St. Joseph Candle


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House Blessing candle is used to bless and remove negativity from your home and property. Promotes a feeling of security, and removes negative entities and unwanted guests. Can also be used to bless your business. Candle is made with cedarwood, white sage, rosemary essential oils and soy wax.

Invoke St. Joseph for
– protection
– a happy death
– to find a job
– sell a home
– to end famines
-in cases of doubt and hesitation
– for married couples.

Suggested use: Burn this candle to bless your home and remove any negativity, to bless a new home, to help sell and existing home. This candle can also be used to bless and protect your business. You can also use this candle to invoke St. Joseph.

Candle Color = yellow
Suggested Psalm = 108

Candle is poured in 9 oz. cobalt blue glass container with black lid. Burns approximately 40 hours if the wick is kept trimmed.

Please note – you do not have to work with angels and saints to use this product.