Come to Me Oil – Attract a New Lover Hoodoo oil


Used to attract a new lover or draw a love to you. Used to anoint the body or to anoint prayer and spell candles.


Come to Me oil is a formula blended for exactly what it sounds like: to bring another person to you. To attract a new lover or to draw in a specific person into your life. Most of the time, this oil is worn whenever you plan to be around a particular person and want them to notice you. When that person is at a distance, it is used on candles and prayer papers (petitions) to make them think about you and desire to be with you. There are occasions, however, when the oil is used to draw someone back into your life that is not a love interest such as old friends and people from the past you no longer have a connection with.

Contains: Lodestone, Patchouli, Catnip, Queen Elizabeth root, geranium, and other essential oils and herbs or roots. Blended in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

One, 1/2 ounce bottle.

Papa Gee’s NOTES: I create each condition oil the exact same way every time. When measuring the essential oils I count them one drop at a time into each bottle. To me, this adds even more intention into each bottle rather than premixing a large batch of conjure oils then bottling them up. Due to the nature of what they are used for, the personal touch of a magical practitioner is an important factor. As I said before: I add the herbs one pinch at a time and the essential oils one drop at a time then fill the bottle with the fractionated coconut oil.

From there, the bottles are cleaned and labeled then taken to my altar where a candle is lit for them and they are prayed over, asking that they will help all that use them for their intended purpose.” – Papa Gee