Breathe Easy aromatherapy candle


Breathe Easy aromatherapy candle. Made with real essential oils of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemon, and Ravensara.

The primary scent note in this blend is Eucalyptus, an essential oil renowned for its refreshingly clean and crisp aroma. Known for its therapeutic properties, Eucalyptus oil helps in clearing the mind and promoting relaxation, setting the stage for a serene ambiance while helping you breathe better.

Next, we infuse the blend with Peppermint essential oil. This oil brings a cool, minty freshness to the mix, adding an energizing quality that stimulates the senses and fosters alertness. Its refreshing fragrance is like a breath of fresh air, instantly rejuvenating your surroundings.

Tea Tree essential oil is another key component of this aromatic blend. With its distinct, medicinal scent, Tea Tree oil adds a herbaceous layer to the overall scent profile. It’s known for its purifying properties, enhancing the cleansing effect of the candle.

Adding a citrusy twist to the blend is Lemon essential oil. Its zesty, tangy aroma cuts through the robust scents of the other oils, brightening the overall fragrance and lending an uplifting mood to your space.

Finally, Ravensara essential oil rounds out this unique blend. This oil carries a slightly spicy, camphoraceous aroma that adds depth and complexity to the scent profile. Known for its calming properties, Ravensara subtly enhances the tranquil atmosphere created by the candle.

soy wax and cotton core wick

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Breathe Easy aromatherapy candle

Our soy candles are used for aromatherapy and are only scented with real essential oils — that is, oils that are extracted from plants, flowers, bark, spices, etc.

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