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BETTER BUSINESS – Our Better Business magical bath salts are specifically formulated to help increase business traffic, boost sales, and generate interest in your enterprise. This powerful blend incorporates traditional herbs and essential oils that have been historically associated with prosperity, success, and attracting customers. By using these bath salts, you can infuse your business endeavors with positive energy, making it more appealing and drawing in opportunities for growth and success.

To use, simply dissolve a generous amount of the bath salts in your bathwater and soak while focusing on your business goals and visualizing a thriving, bustling establishment. The ingredients will work to enhance your intentions, creating a magnetic effect that attracts clients and customers. Additionally, you can use the dissolved mixture as a floor wash. Mop the entrance and interior of your store or office space to invite prosperity and good fortune into your business environment.

Another effective method is to sprinkle a small amount of the dry bath salts around the perimeter of your business premises or at the entrance to attract positive energies and potential customers. You can also dissolve the salts in water and use a spray bottle to mist your workspace, products, or marketing materials. This ensures that every aspect of your business is imbued with the prosperous vibrations of the Better Business bath salts. Integrate this versatile product into your business practices to create a thriving and successful venture.

Ritual Bathing has been a part of all forms of magic and spiritual practices since recorded history. Each packet of our bath salts is created using the herbs and oils for the particular condition you are wanting to address. Some people take a submerged bath and dispose of the bath water in a ritual while others prefer to treat the salt like a cleansing to prepare them for a greater ritual. Each packet contains enough for two baths. Pour half of packet into running bath water and allow to dissolve.

May also be dissolved to form a wash to be used around the house for cleansing or other purposes.

Only real essential oils, herbs, roots, flowers, are used — no fragrances. Approximately 4 ounces.

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better business bath salt