Adam and Eve Hoodoo vigil candle – marriage spell


Adam and Eve candles are most often used in Hoodoo to strengthen a marriage or to heal one.

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Adam and Eve candles are most often used in Hoodoo to strengthen a marriage or to heal one. Some use them in conjunction with Reconcile candles to bring a marriage back together. Can also be used to strengthen a partnership. Contains essential oils of lavender, patchouli, orange, lemongrass, and other herbs and essential oils.

My jar candles are meant for intention, prayer, spiritual, vigil, ritual, and spell work and have each been blessed for their intended use. If it is not possible for you to leave a candle burning all the time, I tell my clients to simply thank the candle before blowing it out then restate their intentions the next time they light it.

Papa Gee’s NOTES: when I make my spiritual candles, they are usually poured only 3 at a time, 6 at the maximum – so that I can give close attention to the energy being placed in them. I use soy wax and 8.5 ounce amber glass jars and real essential oils. Burn time is around 45 hours.

Since many of the ingredients and not usually used in candle making, there is the dilemma of how to get those important, magical ingredients into the candle. I take any herbs, roots, minerals, or other ingredients that are NOT an essential oil and place them in a stuffable tea bag. It is then sealed and placed in the melted wax to steep where the herbs and roots can mingle with the wax. Then, the essential oils are added and all ingredients are stirred together. For example, in my money drawing candle, there is actual MONEY steeped into the wax.

Each is colored slightly according to its purpose and sprinkled with a finishing touch of herbs on the top of each candle. Next, the jars are given a final cleaning and labeled. They are then taken to my altar in our sanctuary where they are blessed and smudged.