Herbal Tea Blends

Herbal tea blends are known as a tisane. Teas are made from the Camellia sinensis plant, which grows in tropical and subtropical climates. Tisanes, on the other hand, are made from a water-based infusion of herbs, spices, flowers, leaves, and other natural ingredients. An herbal infusion, sometimes known as a tisane, is any plant-derived beverage other than genuine tea. Leaves, bark, roots, berries, seeds, and spices are used to make infusions. Mint, chamomile, verbena, and rooibos are all common tisanes.

Caffeine is another significant distinction between tea and tisane. Caffeine is present in all teas. Green tea has a modest amount of 35 milligrams per eight-ounce cup, whereas black tea has a high amount of 90 milligrams. Caffeine-free herbal infusions, on the other hand, are perfect for sipping after dinner.

Tisane de feuilles
Peppermint, chamomile, Moringa leaves, and lemon verbena are some of the most well-known leaf-based tisanes. Did you know that Yerba mate’ and Rooibos, which have a crimson tint and are produced from a native bushy plant of South Africa, resemble the appetizing aspects of tea? Another aspect worth mentioning is that Yerba mate’ is the only caffeinated tisane. Flowers, roots, seeds, and berries are all sources of tisanes.

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