• Ancestor money is paper that you can burn to send into the spirit realm. This burning ritual at your ancestral altar provides the ancestors with what they need on the "other side". Ancestor money also dissolves negative debt karma, usually caused by debt. Those who work with their ancestors often use it to clear any debts the ancestor had so that, with that burden lifted, the ancestor will be more likely to help the living with the magical efforts. Also known as Joss paper, spirit money, or ghost money. When you hear the term 'joss paper,' this refers to the Chinese tradition of burning the paper for ancestral worship and sometimes the paper money is buried with the deceased so they will have what they need in the afterlife. Many use Spirit money, or ancestor money, in spellwork to improve their finances and to wipe out debt. Pack of 10 sheets
  • Cascarilla is one, simple ingredient: powdered eggshells and has been used in the Hoodoo tradition and Santeria for protection and cleansing. The powdered is often spread around the inside or outside of the house to protect the space. Cascarilla has two primary abilities: to expel negative energy in all its forms and to create a barrier between the natural and supernatural realms. It's roots can be traced back to the native traditions of West Africa.
  • empty colored bags used for mojo bags or holding stones and other precious items. Create your own gris-gris bag and use the color that is magically associates with your situation.
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