WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN THE aromaG MOJO BAGS? In the retail store, we have jars of mojo bags that are made for a variety of purposes and come in corresponding colors. Each jar of bags was made by us and prayed over for a particular intention – such as money drawing, with the aim of it working for whomever needs the energy it holds. They are created with the proper herbs, minerals, and roots for their purpose but contain no petition. Here on the website, we offer you those same mojo bags that we create in small batches, made and blessed with their specific intention in mind. While it is true that they don't contain a personal petition inside, they ARE imbibed with the magical energy each one was crafted for. Keep it against you skin the first three days to bond with it then later feed it with an appropriate oil. They are only $7.50 each and come in a variety of colors based on your situation. They are prayed over with you specifically in mind and are made by professional root workers and conjure doctors.