Candle - Hoodoo and Folk Magic candles

Most Hoodoo practitioners burn candles for the magical power they represent – to completely focus spellwork and prayers into manifested reality. New Orleans was the place where the Catholic ritual of burning candles mixed with the folk magic practices of the area. It eventually spread throughout the South and candle became a major part of magical practice. Our Hoodoo and Folk Magic candles are poured by us in our Tennessee workshop. No additional oils are needed for these jars candles as they already contain the herbs and oils needed for your magical working. Unlike 7-day candles, our magical candles are poured with soy wax, a longer burning and more environmentally friendly wax and are usually not burned 24 hours a day the way many vigil candles are. Instead, state your intention each time you light candle and burn for a few hours each day until gone.

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