Passion and Lust spell of sex and attraction

Lust and Passion spells are meant to ignite or awaken sexual desire. Some people use this to bring spark back into an old relationship, while others want to increase someone’s sexual desire towards them. Pictured is the female member candle spell but it can be performed with either a male of female candle.  First, the name of your target is carved into the candle along with any other personal information might connect them: sign of the zodiac, birth date, favorite color, current city, place of birth, etc. The candle is anointed and rubbed with our Passion and Lust oil in a way that simulates the “awakening of sexual activity” until the candle heats up with friction. Burning beside the candle is the “Attract” powdered incense. Sprinkle damiana and catnip around the base of the candle. You could also powdered the herbs and roll the candle it them after anointing with oil.
The altar here is also covered with stones, crystals, statuary, and other items dealing with sexuality and lust.  We almost always use the herb Damiana in this work because of its ability to increase the libido and sexual appetite. Depending on your situation, you might choose to use a variety of other herbs, roots, flowers, or minerals.
From there it is allowed to burn until the candle burns out. The way the wax melts and the shapes it creates will help you perform divination in the wax, using its images for hints as to the outcome.
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