Nashville Tea Shop

Nashville Tea Shop – aromaG’s tea bar and herb shop in the Hip Donelson area of Nashville, TN

Serving tea in Nashville for over a decade. Many know us for our handmade soaps, aromatherapy, and new age offerings — but we’ve been brewing and selling tea since our first store opened its doors back in 2004. Located in the heart of Hip Donelson, we offer over 300 herbs, teas, and blends as well as all kinds of infusers, tea steepers, and teapots. Herbs and teas sold loose by the ounce. Cups of tea to go or have a cup or pot right in our shop. Specialty iced teas in summer, hot tea all year round. Our tea store has been serving the Nashville area for over a decade, brewing up the perfect cup of tea for every occasion.

Walk into aromaG’s and you can choose from over 300 types of teas and tisanes, including in-house blends, limited edition seasonal blends, traditional straight teas and exotic infusions from all around the world. 95% of our tea and herb selection is organic, fair-trade or wild-crafted. Ask one of our tea and herb specialists to help you blend the perfect tea to suit your personal needs and tastes.

nashville tea shopTea has a variety of flavor profiles and we have something to satisfy every palate and every craving. Many people assume they “just aren’t tea drinkers” because, quite frankly, they’ve never tried good loose leaf tea. We have the serious old-standbys like earl grey, english breakfast, and china black but then the black teas go wild with our Masala chocolate chai, vanilla-like birthday tea, ginger peach, and pumpkin spice. Our Oolongs, Pu-erh teas, and Yerba Mate also come in a lot of fun loving flavors.

Not a caffeine lover? Try herbal tea or rooibos. From juicy mango tea, to our blood orange, to our rainbow rooibos or more flavor profiles like: lemons, vanillas, coconuts, oranges, strawberries, blueberries – and the list goes on.

What is a Tea BAR?
Well, you won’t find any lace or fine china cups or cucumber sandwiches. We’re all about retailing and serving great tea. It’s about the tea, itself. We do, however, have a bar where you can sit and enjoy your cup of tea. Order by the cup, the pot, or pick four teas served in professional tea sampling cups.

Do you serve food?
Unfortunately, not at this time but we are working on adding some tea snakes such as herbal baked goods (more on that coming soon.) We focus on the appreciation and sale of great tea and healthy herbs. Drink it here or take it home to drink while you snuggle on the couch. Our store is set up as a retail location, a place to buy tea and doesn’t fall under the category of a “restaurant.” We guess that makes us TEAtailers.
loose leaf tea nashville
Do you offer coffee?
Our main focus is tea but we do grind up and brew a fine house-blend, medium, rich coffee daily for the same price as a cup of tea.
tea cardIf we forget to hand you one, ask us for THE TEA CARD. Absolutely free and nothing to sign up for – we initial your card every time you buy a cup of tea or coffee. After you buy five, the sixth one is free and you’re given a new card.

Daily Tea Samplings
We’re always brewing up tea for you to sample when you walk through the door, sometimes more than one. Drop by every day if you want until you’ve tried everything. We’re always happy to see you.

Cup Tea or Coffee – $2.00
Pot of Tea (serves two) – $4.00
Loose Tea to take home
bags of teas and herbs for home brewing. We sell by the ounce and will gladly bag up any selection you need. Prices begin around $2.25 per ounce all the way up to $10.00 per ounce. However, most of our herbs and teas average to be about $3.50 an ounce. How much is in an ounce? It all depends on the density of what you are buying. Most teas make around 10 cups per ounce. Some fluffier herbs may make the same, twice, or even three times as many cups — depending on weight and their “fluffiness” factor (some herbs are really lightweight.)
bulk tea also available

Where the heck are you guys?
Donelson Pike is on the same road as the Nashville airport, which is why we get so many visitors who are waiting for a plane. We’re on the opposite end of Donelson Pike, closer to Lebanon Road than to the airport.sign Nashville tea store

223 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37214

We are located right beside Wilson Trust Bank and 2 doors down from the Donelson branch post office. JVI Secret Gardens Center is on the opposite side of us. Start looking for the big, white aromaG’s Botanica sign. You can’t miss our granny-smith-apple-green brick building.

223 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37214
PHONE: 615-360-8089
Mon:  10:00 to 7:00
Tues:  10:00 to 7:00
Wed:  10:00 to 7:00
Thu:  10:00 to 7:00
Fri:  10:00 to 7:00
Sat:  10:00 to 7:00
Sun:  11:00 to 6:00

Why tea? Because it’s healthy, tastes great, and fun. After water, it is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.