Candle Spell Come to Me

MOVING CANDLE COME TO ME SPELL –Moving Candle Come to Me spell

this is to bring someone closer to you, perhaps someone you have an interest in, but the “spark” hasn’t quite happened yet. This same work can be used for a spell of reconciliation. If that is the case, just replace the COME TO ME oil with RECONCILE oil and write your petition accordingly. This spell calls for a male and a female figural candle. Replace, if needed, according to your sexual orientation.

What you will need:

1 male figural candle, red or pink
1 female figural candle, red or pink
rose petals
1 lodestone
paper and pencil
red or pink ribbon

Spell Directions:

First, carve the names for each person on the candle that represents them. For the male, write his name and on the female, her name. If you don’t want to use a knife, you can easily carve words into the candle using the tip of an ink pen or even a toothpick. Rub COME TO ME oil into each candle over your carvings in an upward motion. If you happen to have hair from the person you want to attract, place it under their candle. You can do the same with your own.

These candles will melt and run across a surface. You need something flat with a lip around the edges to place the candles on. A cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil makes for a simple, easy to clean up workspace. Write your name on a piece of paper seven times. Now, turn the paper and write your love interest’s name seven times so that it interlocks with your name. This will “weave” the two names together. Anoint each corner and the center of the paper with your COME TO ME oil. Place the petition paper in the center of the cookie sheet and set the lodestone on top of it.

Now, set each candle on opposite sides of the cookie sheet facing each other. It isn’t necessary to move them all the way to each edge. You want to leave enough room around the sheet so that you can sprinkle a ring of rose petals all the way around the two candles, locking them into a circle of roses.

Light each candle, and state your intention. The wording doesn’t have to be lengthy or rhyme. Simply speak from the heart and say what you want to happen. Some people choose to pray at this time. Every 10 minutes scoot each candle a little closer to the center, about an inch or so. After doing this several times, the candles should be touching (or almost touching, depending on how to candle is made) and both be on top of your petition paper. Now that they have moved across the surface and finally found each other, allow them to burn the rest of the way down without disturbing. The next day, gather the rose petals from the surface. You can either save them to use in a mojo bag later or sprinkle a few petals into your bath water on the days you plan to see your intended. Also, keep a little COME TO ME oil behind your ears or on your wrists when you know the two of you will be together. Gather the foil around the wax and tie with a red or pink ribbon. Place under your bed for seven nights. After the seven days is up, bury in your front yard beside the porch to entice them to come to your house. If you live in an apartment, you can bury at the bottom of a potted plant. I knew someone who placed it in the bottom of the umbrella stand beside her front door.