Magical Herbs – Roots – Zoological

Magical herbs, roots flowers, minerals, and zoological items for use in that have historically been used for prayer or spellwork. Whether it be a love spell, a protection spell, or an herbal talisman, spellwork requires the uses of specific herbs and plants. Many are also used in the creation of anointing oils in the Christian tradition. Each herb or plant usually has a medicinal use and a magical use, although some are not used for consumption at all (be sure to check for warnings.) That being said, the herbs used in witchcraft and in hoodoo sometimes have completely different uses. So, be sure to check the magical properties of the herb you are interested in, depending upon how you intend to use it.

Roots, hence the name ‘rootworker’ are an important staple in Hoodoo. Zoological items, such as Coon bones or alligator feet, are usually found in Hoodoo but not in witchcraft. No matter what path you are on, we have a well stocked cupboard of magical herbs, roots, flowers, barks, and minerals. Most bags contain approximately 6 teaspoons of herbs – plenty for several magical workings.

AGRIMONY – Used to reverse jinxes, curses, spells, and hexes. Overcoming fear & inner blockages; dispelling negative emotions. Use as a wash or oil to increase the effectiveness of all forms of healing rituals. Used to spellwork to reveal one’s true feelings. $4.00

ALFALFA – a powerful ingredient used in money drawing work. Kept in the home to insure there is always plenty of food and money on hand. Carry alfalfa in the wallet when doing banking or meeting a loan officer. $4.00

ALKANET – The root has a history of being used as a dye. In magic, it is used money, business matters, and gambling luck. Can also be used to counteract those people who are trying to prevent you from being successful in money matters. $4.00

ALLSPICE BERRIES – In the tradition of hoodoo, allspice berries are carried by those who want to bring in money from gambling winnings. In witchcraft it is used in spells of healing, determination, and energy. To protect against the evil eye. $4.00

ALTHEA – said to bring in good spirits and to increase psychic power. Also used in rituals of protection. Also known as marshmallow leaf. $4.00

ANGELICA ROOT – is widely thought to be a powerful guardian, calling upon the power of the angels. Provides strength and power to women. Used by many people for the purpose of warding off evil and used for luck in health and family. Protects children. $4.00

BARBERRY ROOT – lay barberry across the path of an enemy to undo or diminish their effect on you. Used in protection amulets for the home and for children and is also known as Holy Thorn. Used to free yourself from the power another holds over you. $4.00

BEARBERRY – Also known as Uva Ursi, the leaves ingested in a tea are believed to increase psychic abilities and divination in modern magick. Also used in incense and in Native American spiritual smokes. $4.00

BLACK MUSTARD SEED – Used primarily to interfere with baneful magical work that others are conjuring against you. Is said to help create confusion in the mind of your enemy. Sprinkle where your enemies are sure to walk. Sometimes known as the ‘seed of strife and discord.’ $4.00

BLUE FLAG ROOT – Used in money and prosperity work, it is sometimes known as ‘snake lily.’ A member of the iris family, it is often used to create money drawing incense and is burned for that purpose along with other similar herbs and roots.
Do not injest. $4.00

BONESET – use to to protect your health or undo curses that others have placed on you to effect your health. Wards off evil spirits when infused and sprinkled around the house like holy water. $4.00

BUCKEYE – Carried to bring you good luck, money, and has also been used by some in divination. In the Hoodoo tradition is said to keep you in ‘pocket money.’ Also used as a charm for male potency. Others use in gambling and rub the buckeye before rolling dice. Bag includes one buckeye. $4.00

BRIMSTONE – Brimstone, (Sulphur powder) in used in magick to prevent a hex from taking hold or to destroy an enemy’s power over you. Used in hex removal and spells of banishing. Used in some foot track magic and is an ingredient in the famed ‘goofer dust.’ $4.00

BURDOCK – used for protection and cleansing. String the burdock root into a necklace for protection or the larger roots can be carved into a protective amulet. Wards off negativity. $4.00

CALAMUS ROOT – In hoodoo, calamus is used for controlling another person or a situation and is often used in spells of domination. To bend the will of another. In the tradition of witchcraft, it is used in spells for healing and to increase the power of a spell. Do not ingest. $4.00

CALENDULA – good for dream pillows and for protection when fashioned into wreaths that are placed above doorways. Also known as ‘pot marigold.’ Used in home protection when blended with urine and placed at the four corners of your property. In hoodoo, used for winning court cases. $4.00

CASCARA SAGRADA BARK – Used in legal matters and courtcase work. It is said that you should create an infusion from the bark and surround your property with it before going to court. Burning on a charcoal the day before a court date is said to increase your chances of winning. $4.00

CATNIP – used in spells for beauty and happiness, catnip is also used to capture the heart of another and make them yours. Used for attraction spells. $4.00

CHAMOMILE – used to attract money and for gamblers to ensure winnings. Often used for sleep and meditation, but can also be sprinkled around your home and property to remove spells cast against you. $4.00

CHEWING JOHN – Also known as “Little John” it is the third in line of the ‘John’ roots after ‘High John’ and ‘Low John’. Most often used in court case work and is actually chewed with the juice created used in hoodoo work. $4.00

CHICORY – used to remove all obstacles in your path that prevent you from your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Carrying chicory on the body is said to help with gaining favors from others. Said to help with unlocking inner strength and powers. Said to make one invulnerable and bring success. $4.00

CINNAMON CHIPS – brings money to you quickly and is used in all forms and money drawing magic. When burned as an incense, it is said to raise protective vibrations. Good luck, energy, consecration, and for divination. $4.00

COLTSFOOT – used in spells of tranquility and peace. When burned as an incense, is thought to increase psychic visions and clear away foggy thoughts and mental issues. $4.00

COMFREY – often used in spells for making sure you hold onto the money you already have. Used for travel safety and is placed in suitcases to ensure your baggage is not lost. Used for car safety by creating sachet that is hung from the rearview mirror. Wards off the evil of unknown strangers and protects from theft. $4.00

DAMIANA – known as the ‘love herb’ it is especially useful in lust magic. Used to increase passion and respark an old love interest. Strong herb for use in all forms of sexuality magic. $4.00

DANDELION – for promoting psychic powers and to send messages to loved ones telepathically. Often used in dream pillows for psychic dreaming and sleep protection. Often used in divination, wishing, and calling upon spirits. $4.00

DEVILS DUNG – Used to keep evil away from you and keep you off the radar of the law. Also used as a baneful ingredient to bring harm to your enemies or to keep them from bothering you. Has been used as an incense for protection and exorcism. Also known as asafoetida. $4.00

DIXIE JOHN ROOT – Also known as “Low John” and “Southern John.” Dixie John is used for matters that involve family life and love. To enhance. your sex life and as a breakup ingredient against those who threaten your marriage. Also known as Beth root. $4.00

DOG GRASS ROOT – Can sometimes be found as ‘couch grass,’ which is usually used to draw in a new lover. Dog grass and dog grass root, however, is used primarily as a ‘break up’ ingredient. Most often used in moving candle spells for breakup. A doll baby ingredient for controlling a lover. $4.00

ELECAMPANE – Mixed with mistletoe and vervain, it is said to make a powerful love powder in Santeria and Hoodoo. Related to the daisy, other words for this plant are: elf wort, elf dock, and Indian pipe. Said to protect against witches when mixed with mugwort and nettle. $4.00

FENNEL – hung in doors and windows, fennel is said to protect the home from spirits and can be carried with you for the same purpose. Used for the prevention of curses and the keep the law at bay. Also used for confidence and courage. $4.00

FENUGREEK – used often in money drawing spells and mixtures. Said to bring money into the house by dropping a few fenugreek seeds into the mop water. For prosperity, obtaining salary increases, and with help in finding money. $4.00

FIVE FINGER GRASS – Known especially for good luck in money and love. Legend says to carry a little with you if you are going to ask a favor of someone. Also used to ward off evil. Ingredient in money mojo bags. Brew as a tea and wash the hands and forehead 9 times to remove hexes. $4.00

GINGER ROOT – used in spells of success and achievement. Said to increase the power of a spell by chewing ginger root or drinking ginger tea before performing a spell or ritual. Used for money attraction, the raise the desire in a relationship, and for general protection. $4.00

GRAINS OF PARADISE – Used for good luck, protection, making wishes and seeking gainful employment. Carry grains of paradise in your pockets during job interviews is said to bring success. Also known as Guinea Grains, many people use them exclusively for gambling. $4.00

GRAVEL ROOT – used to obtain steady work and should be carried when applying for a new job. Include as one of the main ingredients in a mojo bag in preparation for asking for a raise. Also used to remove tension from within the home. $4.00

HIBISCUS – used for love and marriage spells, hibiscus can also be drank as a tea for promote sexual attraction and to increase desire. Sometimes used for divination, to raise clairvoyant abilities, and to attract good spirits while keeping evil ones away. $4.00

HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOT – Often used in mojo bags, High John is a must for African American folk magic. For mastery, power, drawing luck, masculine energy, sexuality, money, strength and is sometimes used in domination spells. Also used to boost the energy of a potion by its inclusion. Wash hands with an infusion of High John before games of chance and gambling. $10.95High John Conqueror Root Magical Properties

HONEYSUCKLE FLOWERS – used to bind a love interest to you. When infused in an oil, can be used to anoint the forehead to increase psychic vision. Placed around green candles with cinnamon and alfalfa to attract money. $4.00

HOPS – often used in dream magic to increase visions during sleep. Also to promote a more peaceful sleep while dreaming. Helps keep away nightmares. $4.00

HYSSOP – probably the number one unhexing herb, it is often used in spiritual baths to remove curses and hexes or to ‘baptize’ you as new when seeking a change. Purification and cleansing. Hung in the home to expel negativity and evil influences. $4.00

JASMINE FLOWERS – said to increase the power of love magic when included as one of the ingredients in your love spell. Helps to bring on new ideas and increase prophetic dreams. Often used for attracting your soul mate in spells cast to find ‘the right one.’ $4.00

JUNIPER BERRY – mainly used as an herb of protection, it is also used to prevent theft. Used often in rites of exorcism and can be used to same way to expel negative influences from your life. Also used to attract a sexual partner. $4.00

LADY’S MANTLE – The patron herb of alchemy, Lady’s Mantle enhances whatever magic you are performing. Used in love spells, potions, and amulets for attracting love. For connection to the feminine or Goddess energy. $4.00

LAVENDER – a flower of friendship and harmony. While lavender is often includes in love spells, it always helps to strengthen the bonds of friendship. Used to help with sleep and rest and are also helpful in centering the mind for scrying. Worn to attract a new man or as protection from an cruel spouse. Also used in healing mixtures, to help in seeing spirits, and is a powerful ingredient in purification baths. $4.00

LEMON BALM – used to soothe emotional pain, especially after the end of a relationship. Also known as ‘Melissa.’ Helps calm the mind for those with nervous or mental disorders and, in the same way, can be used for clarity and focus. Calms the mind for meditation and ritual. $4.00

LEMON PEEL – a tea made of lemon peel can be used as a wash to cleanse ritual tools and new items purchased. Also used to remove old conditions and make way for new things to appear. For purification, cleansing, and to magically cleanse the home. Evil eye protection. $4.00

LEMON VERBENA – Wear to attract the opposite sex. On the flip side, can be used to clear away old conditions and rid yourself of unwanted people. Often used in spells that help people break bad habits and addictions. Also used to cleanse a space and remove negative energy. $4.00

LEMONGRASS – is used in spiritually cleansing the home and is found in such products as Van Van oil and Chinese Wash. Said to help cleanse out jinxes and scrub away residual negative energy in a home or business. Can also be used to cleanse amulets and ritual tools and is sometimes used in the development of psychic powers. $4.00

LICORICE ROOT – used in love and lust magic to ensure fidelity and to command the other person to bend to your will. For this reason, it is often used in spells that compel another to follow you or do your bidding. Used for taking control over situations and for spells of domination. $4.00

LODESTONE – LODESTONE has been used as a powerful amulet and Good Luck charm. It supposed to attract Power, Favors, Love, Money, and Gifts. Can help to attract and brings into your life the things you want. Also known as a grounding stone. $4.00

LILY OF THE VALLEY – Conscious mind, memory, mental healing, peace, tranquility,purity. Can be used in rituals/spells to stop harassment. Can be used to promote longevity in marriage. Expands feelings of peace & comfort. Memory enhancing. Do not ingest. $4.00

LOVAGE ROOT – used to make one more attractive and alluring to anyone who looks upon them. To make one ache for you, mix lovage with Queen Elizabeth root and High John and bathe in for 9 days straight or take the same ingredients to make a mojo bag for love. An oil infusion of lovage is good for anointing candles of attraction. Also associated with psychic dreaming and purification. $4.00

MANDRAKE ROOT – Place mandrake root above the mantle in the home for protection and prosperity. Said to expel and repel demons. In hoodoo, tie mandrake root to a doll baby and it is said to bind your love to you. Others wrap a dollar bill around mandrake to bring in money. Also used for fertility, protection, and a gambling good luck charm. $4.00Mandrake root magical properties

MUGWORT – Burned and inhaled for psychic abilities, made into tea to wash amulets and crystals. Place around divination and scrying tools to increase their power or near the bed to enable astral travel. $4.00

MULLEIN – sometimes ground and used in place of graveyard dirt. Often used in dark magic spells and to raise spirits. On the flip side of the coin, mullein is hung over doorways as a powerful barrier against demons and evil spirits. Protection against nightmares. $4.00

NETTLE – powerful protector, used nettle to break a jinx and send it back to the one who cast it. Worn as a talisman to keep negativity away. Used as an ingredient in purification baths. $4.00

NUTMEG – One of the money drawing botanicals, nutmeg is most often used in games of chance. Many use the entire nutmeg inside a money mojo bag and carry with them for gambling luck. Also used as a luck charm, they are sometimes strung with star anise and worn as a necklace. contains one nutmeg in bag. $4.00

PEONY ROOT – used to draw in good fortune and protect against misfortune. Worn on the body, it protects the body and soul from evil spirits and is also used to guard the home. Strung as a necklace to be worn by children for protection. Used for prosperity and success in business. Exorcism and to remove bad spirits. $5.00

PEPPERMINT – used for healing and purification, peppermint has also been used as a rub or wash on doors and furniture to expel negativity and evil. Protects the home against illness. Spread peppermint around the altar for help in performing magic. $4.00

PLANTAIN – For healing, strength, and protection. Also known as Snakeweed because it is said to ward off snakes when carried in the pockets. Used in spells to ward off sickness and death. $4.00

PYRITE – often called ‘Fools Gold’ it is a mineral used in money magic. It guards against control and manipulation by a boss, lover, parent, or spouse. Prized by the Native Americans as a healing stone of magic. Used for good luck and good fortune. One stone. $2.00

QUEEN ELIZABETH ROOT – Also known as Orris root Most often used to attract men and have them fall in love with the one who carries the root. Promotes, popularity, success, and aids in communication. $4.00

RED CLOVER – Most often used in marriage and love marriage, it also magically secures a good sex life. Also used in baths for finance magic. Money, fidelity, success, luck. An infusion of red clover is said to help remove evil spirits. $4.00

RED PEPPER FLAKES – Most often used in enemy work, it is an ingredient used in ‘Hot Foot’ work, and some sprinkle it directly in the path of where their nemesis would walk. A popular ingredient in souring jars as well. Magically, it is used to create and uncomfortable heat. $4.00

RED SANDALWOOD – Magickal uses of red sandalwood include removing negativity, increasing opportunities and bringing success. Red sandalwood is a popular incense wood, often burned during spells for protection, healing & exorcism. $4.00

ROSE PETALS – used to induce dreams of one’s future love. Main ingredient used in love spells. Divine, emotional, and thinking love; start with these to build a long lasting relationship. $4.00

ROSEMARY – often used in spells of fidelity and to end jealousy. Used often for ritual cleansing by steeping rosemary in the bath water. Protection, Purification. Is also used in handfastings as a symbol of love and loyalty. $4.00

RUE – In Santeria, rue is one of the main ingredients used in purification rituals. In witchcraft and hoodoo, it is a powerful protection herb and is often used in the crafting of talisman for that purpose. Can be sprinkled around the home or your property to protect a space. $4.00

SAGE LEAF, RUBBED – This is crushed and fine garden sage, not white sage. Regular garden sage is for wisdom and guidance in making decisions. White sage was not always available to all regions and regular garden sage was burned to cleanse and purify a space. Said to help with courage and strength, as well as to weaken the ego of another. $4.00

SARSAPARILLA – used in love spells and to draw in money. Often used for health and as an ingredient for house blessings. Used in spells to prolong life, increase passion and sexuality, and to improve virility. $4.00

SENNA – used to draw in the love of a stranger or to intensify and existing love. Increases the flow of love when used with other love spell ingredients. $4.00

VANDAL ROOT (VALERIAN) – use to end quarrels and create a peaceful household. Sometimes used as a replacement for graveyard dirt. Also used for darker magic to summon demons and spirits and as an ingredient in baneful spells. $4.00

VERBENA – often used for drawing in new love and breaking jinxes. Used in spells to break bad habits and addictions. Used in glamour spells and for bringing inner beauty to the surface. $4.00

VIOLET LEAF – Calms the nerves, draws prophetic dreams and visions, stimulates creativity, and promotes peace & tranquility. Violet leaf provides protection from all evil. Used for love and romance work and to heal a broken heart. $4.00

WALNUT, BLACK – used in spells of astral travel. Also for baneful work such a hexing and breakup work. $4.00

WORMWOOD – also known as Absinthe. Said to increase psychic powers evocation, divination, scrying and prophecy. Exorcism, binding, protection. Burned with mugwort to call upon helpful spirits. Said to help prevent accidents. External use only. $4.00

YARROW – used for healing, courage, self-esteem, and for overcoming fear. Taking a ritual bath with yarrow is said to increase psychic abilities. Also used to break curses. $4.00

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