Grapefruit Orange soap recipe


This bar is great for anyone that loves citrus scents. This particular soap takes a little longer to trace and the addition of calendula petals make pretty yellow flecks throughout the soap. Soaps with all citrus oils have a tendency to “lock in” the fragrance when cured. Meaning, the bar doesn’t seem to smell very strong but does when you get the soap wet in the bath or shower. If you’d like to anchor the scent a little more, replace ½ ounce of the sweet orange essential oil with patchouli essential oil.

10 ounces coconut oil
10 ounces olive oil
24 ounces soybean shortening
13.5 ounces water
6.2 ounces lye
1 ounce pink grapefruit essential oil
1 ounce sweet orange essential oil
1 ounce 5-fold orange essential oil
3 tablespoons calendula petals
1/16 teaspoon yellow oxide colorant

follow soap making instructions. See tab on top of every page that says HOW TO MAKE SOAP.

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