Soap Making 101 Class

February 28, 2015 – 4:30 to 6:30

The cold process method of soapmaking relies almost exclusively on the heat generated by saponification (the chemical reaction of fatty acids and alkali to produce soap). No external heat is applied once the ingredients have been mixed. Although it may seem complicated when you are first starting out, making your own soap from scratch (the way some of our grandparents did) using all-natural ingredients can be both fun and rewarding ~ not to mention extremely addicting!wholesale soap

Why are people drawn to making their own soap from scratch?

Many of us start making soap to have inexpensive, homemade, natural gifts for all the holidays and birthdays throughout the year. Also, more and more people today are looking for a second source of income that involves doing something creative that they love. Or, some of us begin soaping because we have friends or family with problematic or sensitive skin that is easily irritated.

Many commercial soap companies use cheap petroleum-based ingredients (like mineral oil), animal fats (like sodium tallowate, lard, or lanolin) and synthetic detergents (like sodium laureth sulfate) that can be harsh on delicate skin. By making soap in your own kitchen, you can tailor it to suit any skin type as well as insure that only the most beneficial ingredients go into your finished soap.

nashville soap making classThe class will cover the following as Greg demonstrates how to make TWO 12-pound
batches of soap (about 36-45 bars each) using the cold process method. First batch will be a solid colored batch. The second batch will be on how to swirl colors in soap.
• Brief history and basic chemistry of soap making
• Necessary materials, supplies and equipment
• Safety considerations when working with sodium hydroxide
• Taking accurate measurements & proper mixing temperatures
• Coloring soap naturally with herbs, spices & clays
• Using pure essential oils to scent your soap naturally
• Preparing your molds and molding options
• Insulating, cutting, curing and storing your finished soap

Due to the nature of making soap from scratch, this class is mainly demonstration style.
NOTE: This is an age 18+ class since making soap from scratch involves working with lye (aka sodium hydroxide).

Next Soap Making 101 Class is Saturday February 28th at 4:30 pm until apprx 6:30 p.m.

$60.00 Includes copy of Greg’s book: Making Soap From Scratch – A Beginner’s Guide & Beyond (retail value, $11.95) and two bars of soap, your choice (retail value, $9.00)

To give a credit card over the phone to reserve your space, give us a call at 615.884-9021. Since classes are limited to 10 participants, you must prepay in order to reserve your space.

Classes must have a minimum of 3 registrants to be held. Limit, 10 people per class.

Class will be held in our store at
223 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37214
(same building as One2Yoga)