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Psychic and Tarot readings in our Nashville store. aromaG’s hosts some of Nashville’s most talented and well-known Psychic readers in the Tennessee area. Between our staff readers and our weekly special guests, we offer a wide variety of divination techniques including: Tarot cards, Lenormand cards, straight Psychic readings, Psychic mediumship, palm readings, tea leaf readings, bone readings, Ogham readings, astrology, numerology, and more. Talk to one of our talented Intuitive Readers and gain insight on issues that affect your Life. Our Readers use Spiritual and Metaphysical means to find out what you need to know. Get in touch with your Higher Self and tap into all the possibilities. The Universe is waiting for you.

MONDAY – Brandt 10:00 a – 2:30 p
MONDAY – Nikki 3:00 p – 7:30 p
TUESDAY – Lindsay Gray 3:00 p – 7:30 p
WEDNESDAY – Kyndyll Lackey 10:00 a – 2:30 p
WEDNESDAY – Heather 4:00 p – 7:30 p
THURSDAY – Doc Bastian (Roy) 10:00 a – 2:30 p
FRIDAY– Papa Gee 10:00 a – 2:30 p
FRIDAY – Max 3:00 p – 7:30 p (astrology)

SATURDAYS – GUEST READERS 10:00 a – 7:30 p
SUNDAYS – GUEST READERS 11:00 a – 6:00 p




Brandt is a psychic clairvoyant, highly sensitive empath and natural medium. He recognized his gift at age 7 after a near death experience. Brandt uses Tarot cards and guides throughout his intuitive readings. He has worked 9 missing person cases and successfully aided in solving 8 of said cases.

Brandt’s goal in working with you is to turn pain into power and to help you recognize your very own intuition. Brandt has a very unique reading style and is highly respected within his community for his stunning accuracy, honesty & empathy. “Honestly when my clients set down in front of me or the phone rings, I do not know what to expect. I let the universe and my guidance step in and whatever needs to happen will happen. Some days I am a medium and some days it’s simply something that I am saying to my client that I can feel within my gut is truth. My best answer for you or anyone seeking a reading from me is to expect the unexpected & have faith in our higher source.”
MONDAY – Brandt 10:00 a – 2:30 p


Nikki is a natural intuitive, healer, and root worker. At an early age, she was able to sense and speak to spirits and energies with her ability further developing throughout her life.  She now shares her gifts with others from a perspective of healing.

Using the tarot and oracle cards, her readings focus on going below the surface to provide true insight on all that is hidden. She enjoys not only helping others to understand the energies around them, but also how to achieve their greatest good through healing and motivation.
MONDAY – Nikki 3:00 p – 7:30 p

Lindsay is a Seer and Occultist. She has been reading professionally since 2016. Her readings are intuitive as she lends her gift as a seer piercing past the veil of reality into the spiritual depths of the soul offering deeper insight, wisdom, and healing. Lindsay specializes in witchcraft, soul psychology, hermetics, and the shadow self.
TUESDAY – Lindsay Gray 3:00 p – 7:30 p


Since 2002, Kyndyll has been providing intuitive counseling, Reiki treatments and attunements, metaphysical classes, and ministerial services to clients across the country. Kyndyll reads the Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot, augmenting her claircognizance with her knowledge of astrology, Reiki, crystals/stones, and practical magick, as well as her background in human development, trauma-informed care, social justice, social services, and psychology. Kyndyll’s readings and tarot consultations are tools for accessing what is already known by the subconscious or higher self, and she helps clients make choices that honor their highest good and continue them on the path of self-development and healing.

An Ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church and a Third Degree Reiki Master Teacher, Kyndyll got her start in the metaphysical field as a reader and merchandiser at Magical Journey Bookstore. Since working there, she has earned Master’s degrees in Social Work and Liberal Arts & Science (Creative Writing), and spent over a decade as a licensed professional social worker.

WEDNESDAY – Kyndyll 10:00 a – 2:30 p

Heather is  a Tarot and Oracle reader, an avid student of the Celtic Pantheon, and has proudly received her Croning in February of 2016, as well as becoming a Reiki Master in the same year. Her connection to the angels, her guides, and her patron deity Brigid allow her to assist women who have begun a path to healing and empowerment, which is something she especially enjoys.
WEDNESDAY Heather 4:00 p – 7:30 p


Roy, also known as Doc Bastian, is a Psychic Tarot Reader who has been studying and reading tarot for over 15 years.  He uses the Universal Waite Tarot, as well as his mediumship and clairaudient abilities to conduct readings.

Roy is an Usui Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Spirit Worker, and Traditional Witch offering magical and spiritual services.
THURSDAY Roy 10:00 a – 2:30 p

Papa Gee – (Greg) divines using the Tarot and Lenormand cards along with his gifts of clairsentience and claircognizance. He sometimes uses pendulums and crystal balls for scrying and is a Lucky Mojo certified practitioner. He is also a tasseographer, a reader of tea leaves.
FRIDAY– Papa Gee 10:00 a – 2:30 p


Max has a very passionate and enthusiastic approach to his work, while also remaining extremely empathetic when it comes to holding space and serving the needs of others. He thoroughly enjoys sharing his gifts of intuition and divine knowledge with anyone seeking further insight regarding their own paths and healing journeys. The primary goal is to connect one to a deeper sense of his or her soul, inner authority, and higher self — and he uses what we often call a natal chart (aka birth-chart) reading as a launching pad to do this. Current planetary influences and transits may also be considered depending on the needs, questions, and requests of the individual (*date/place/time-of-birth* is needed for an accurate reading, but not necessarily required!)

Astrology can provide a deeper understanding of our own unique genetic blueprints, life path, and purpose, as well as various “cycles” in our lives. It can also be a very useful tool for discovering the gifts, skills, and innate talents that we are each born with, while also giving us possible keys for unlocking these abilities. Additionally, an astrological reading can further help identify and uncover any potential traumas, wounds, or emotional blocks that may be holding us back from living our full potential.
FRIDAY – Max 3:00 p – 7:30 p (astrology)


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