Seer Saturday: Astrology Readings with Timothy Glenn

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Seer Saturday: Astrology Readings with Timothy Glenn

December 21, 2019 @ 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Timothy Glenn is a modern day mystic. His work as a Spiritual Mentor goes all the way back to 2001 when he and his wife co created Leadership Institute for Transformation and Empowerment (L.I.T.E.).

Timothy has integrated a lifetime of spiritual inquiry into a meaningful practice of Transformation that has changed many lives.

Timothy combines spiritual inquiry and intuition with astrology to help humanity ascend to its divine purpose. Purpose may take individuals through many changes and challenges. It is through the darkness and pain of these obstacles that Timothy’s work and expertise becomes invaluable.

Simple transit 15 mins = $30
Simple transit 30 mins= $60
Solar return chart 45 mins (by appt only)= $93
Secondary progressed chart 1hr ( by appt only)= $125
Natal chart analysis 1 hr (by appt only) = $125
Composite chart analysis for couples 1hr (by appt only) $175
Life purpose analysis two 1hr sessions (by appt only) $185
Self Mastery package.. (best value) includes complete natal analysis, all strong aspects, significant transits, and a solar return. six 1hr sessions (by appt only) $420.
*with the self mastery package $210 is required up front. This covers the first 3 sessions. The last 3 sessions can be paid for individually at $70.
** all appt transactions must be completed 24 hrs before the actual appt time.

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