Doorway & Boundary Charm Spell


This Doorway & Boundary charm spell is used to keep evil away from your house and invite the good inside. Call in blessings and banish negativity with…

¼ cup sugar
¼ cup salt
2 small jars
1 white chime candle
1 black chime candle
Devil Begone sachet powder
House Blessing sachet powder
2 cross charms
Blue embroidery thread

Fill one jar with sugar and the other with salt. To the sugar jar, add one Tablespoon of House Blessing Sachet powder. Then, in the jar of salt, add one Tablespoon of Devil Begone sachet powder. Stir each one well until the sachet powders are mixed in thoroughly.

Now, place one cross charm in the sugar jar and screw on the lid. Next, put the other cross in the salt jar and screw on the lid. You are now going to burn the white candle on top of the jar of sugar and the black candle on top of the jar of salt.

Miraculous Cross charmThe next day, open the jars and take out the charm crosses and set them aside. Take the jar of salt to the end of your driveway and begin throwing handfuls into the street. When you have finished, take the jar of sugar, go to the end of the driveway – but this time, turn and face your house and begin throwing handfuls up the driveway while walking towards the house until you return to your doorway.

When you have finished, take the embroidery thread and cut a piece off about 6 feet long. Double it over to make it a thicker, 3 foot long piece. Then tie both of the crosses onto the thread. Nail the thread in the doorway in the space between the front door and the storm door (or where a storm door would normally be.) If this is not possible where you live, hang on a nail or tack just inside your front door. This charm will keep the bad out and invite the good in.

This doorway spell was shared by Papa Gee on an episode of the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour: Amulets Charms & Talismans episode with Catherine Yronwode and Papa Gee on 8/22/21