The Difference in Hoodoo Oils, Conjure Oils, Anointing Oils, Dressing Oils and Condition Oils

Condition oils have been found in curio catalogs for quite some time and were very popular during the 1920’s and 30’s. Since plants and herbs have traditional and historical magical and religious properties, magical uses are created by blending the appropriate oils for whatever problem or concern their is. For example, cinnamon and fenugreek are both known for drawing in money. Both are found in our money drawing oil.

They can be found by many names: hoodoo oils, conjure oils, anointing oils, dressing oils, condition oils, and ritual oils. Some of these names vary depending on the path a practitioner follows or the region of the country where the magic was practiced. What are the differences?
Hoodoo Oils – this one is pretty self-explanatory – a magical oil used in Hoodoo or in the practice of Hoodoo.
Conjure Oils – some say the terms are interchangeable, while others say that that practice of conjure has a stronger focus on spirits as well as folk magic.
Anointing Oils – This term is used more by Protestant practitioners and makes reference to anointing oils found in the Bible. Some people save the term ‘anointing oil’ for only the oils that can be used on the body. For example, Hot Foot oil is mainly used on candles and objects, not the body because of its hot ingredients.
Dressing Oils – some call magical oils ‘dressing oils’ because they are used to dress candles and objects. Most of the time when a practitioner uses this name, they mainly practice candle work and dressings. Just as some say anointing oils are for the body, the opposite might be said for a ‘dressing oil.’ Meaning, dressing oils would be the oils NOT used for anointing.
Condition Oils – is a term used mainly in Hoodoo because the magical contents of the oil is meant to tackle the specific condition, or situation, that troubles the seeker of the magic.
However, all of the above names can be used for oils used in the practice of Hoodoo and Conjure.

Our Saint and Angel oils can be used for prayer, meditation, and focus. Use as an anointing oil, use in an oil burner, add a few drops in your bath, add a few drops in a bowl of water and bath yourself with it. You can also add a few drops (not too much) to the top of a jar candle before burning, or anoint a taper or pillar candle with the oil. Scented with propriety blends of essential oils that have historic associations with specific life problems and / or the saints and angels that are associated with those plants.

“Each condition oil is created the exact same way every time. When measuring the essential oils we count them one drop at a time into each bottle. This adds even more intention into each bottle rather than premixing a large batch of conjure oils then bottling them up. Due to the nature of what they are used for, the personal touch of a magical practitioner is an important factor. From there, the bottles are cleaned and labeled then taken to our altars where a candle is lit for them and they are prayed over, asking that they will help all that use them for their intended purpose.” – Papa Gee and Doctor Bastian

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