Chinese Wash – Hoodoo spiritual floor wash – protection and clearing magic

Chinese wash is used in protection magic and for clearing a space of negative or bad intentions. Simply place a capful into a small bucket or bowl of warm water and used to cleanse the items in your house. Wonderful magic for spring cleaning to help remove negative energies while cleaning at the same time. Can be used with a sponge to cleanse surfaces and for a floor wash to use with a mop. After cleansing the house, be sure to clean the front porch as a final act of clearing and protection. Some even dump the bucket contents in the front yard near the door.

Ingredients: handmade liquid soap, broom straws, lemongrass oil, citronella oil, lemon oil, and other essential oils used in protection and cleansing magic.

One, 4 ounce bottle.

Papa Gee’s NOTES: I create each bottle of Chinese wash the exact same way every time and begin with my own handmade natural liquid soap. When measuring the essential oils I count them one drop at a time into each bottle. To me, this adds even more intention into each bottle rather than premixing a large batch of conjure oils then bottling them up. Due to the nature of what they are used for, the personal touch of a magical practitioner is an important factor.

From there, the bottles are cleaned and labeled then taken to my altar where a candle is lit for them and they are prayed over, asking that they will help all that use them for their intended purpose.” – Papa Gee