Angel Numbers and Numerology: A Divine Connection

Angel numbers are a fascinating concept that has captivated the interest of many individuals. These unique numerical sequences are believed to be messages from the spiritual realm, specifically from your guardian angels. When you combine angel numbers with numerology, you gain even more information than you could imagine.

What Are Angel Numbers?

They are repeating number sequences that you may encounter daily, such as on license plates, clocks, or receipts. Some people believe these numbers are not mere coincidences but intentional messages sent by angels. They’re thought to provide guidance, reassurance, and insight into various aspects of your life.

The Meaning Behind Angel Numbers

Each number carries its unique meaning, often related to spirituality, personal growth, and life changes. Let’s explore the meanings behind some of the most common angel numbers:

  • 111: This number is often associated with new beginnings. It may indicate that an opportunity for growthangels in the clouds or a fresh start is on the horizon.
  • 222: Seeing 222 suggests balance and harmony. It encourages you to maintain a balanced outlook, especially during times of uncertainty or stress.
  • 333: This angel number signifies divine protection and guidance. If you see this number, it’s a reminder that you’re surrounded by divine energy and support.
  • 444: When you see 444, it’s a sign of stability and grounding. It’s a reminder to build solid foundations and stay true to your path.
  • 555: This number is a symbol of change and transformation. Seeing 555 could suggest that important changes are coming your way.

How to Interpret the Numbers

Interpreting angel numbers requires intuition and self-reflection. Here are some steps to help you understand these divine messages:

    1. Recognize the repetition: The first step is to notice when a particular number keeps showing up in your life. This repetition is the first clue that you might be receiving a message via angel numbers.
    2. Understand the basic meanings: Familiarize yourself with the basic meanings of the different numbers. This knowledge will serve as a foundation for your interpretation.
    3. Reflect on your current life situation: Angels send messages relevant to our current circumstances or thoughts. Reflect on your situations, dreams, and aspirations when interpreting angel numbers.
    4. Listen to your intuition: Your intuition plays a vital role in understanding the specific message for you. Trust your gut feelings and inner voice when deciphering the meaning of angel numbers.

How to Use Angelic Numbers

angel surrounded by numbersThese numbers delivered from angelic guides can serve as a source of guidance and inspiration. Here’s how you can use them:

Guidance in decision-making: Angel numbers can offer direction when you’re faced with tough decisions. For example, if you’ve been contemplating a significant change and you start seeing 555, it could be a sign to embrace the change.

Personal growth: can also encourage personal growth. For instance, if you’re seeing 111, it might be a nudge to step out of your comfort zone and embark on a new journey.

Spiritual connection: Often, they serve as a reminder of your spiritual connection and the support from the divine. They can inspire you to deepen your spirituality.

Angel Numbers and Numerology

These are two spiritual concepts that often cross over, creating a framework for understanding the universe and our place within it. By exploring how these two systems correspond, we can gain deeper insights into the mystical world of numbers and their profound influence on our lives.

Understanding the Connection

Angel Numbers: These are repeating number sequences believed to be messages from the spiritual realm, particularly from guardian angels. They are thought to provide divine guidance, reassurance, and insight into various aspects of our lives.

Numerology: This is the study of numbers’ mystical significance, where each number (or combination of numbers) carries specific vibrations and energies. Numerologists believe that understanding these vibrations can provide insights into one’s character, life events, and destiny.

The Intersection of Angel Numbers and Numerology

The connection between angel numbers and numerology lies in their shared language: numbers. Both systems believe in the spiritual significance of numbers and use them as tools for divine communication and personal insight.

Decoding Angel Numbers with Numerology

angel in the cloudsNumerology can be a useful tool in decoding the meanings behind angel numbers. Each number in numerology carries a unique vibration or energy, which influences the interpretation of angel numbers. 

For instance, numerology can provide further insight if you repeatedly see the angel number 222. The number 2 in numerology represents harmony, balance, cooperation, and relationships. Therefore, the angel number 222 could be interpreted as a divine message to maintain balance and harmony in your personal relationships or life in general.

Personal Numerology and Angel Numbers

Your personal numerology, such as your life path or destiny number, can also influence the angel numbers you encounter. For example, if your life path number is 7—a number associated with spirituality—you might frequently see angel numbers related to spiritual growth and enlightenment. Find your master number and see if it coincides with the angel numbers you are seeing.

Using Angel Numbers and Numerology Together

When used together, angel numbers and numerology can provide a more comprehensive spiritual toolkit. Here’s how:

  1. Enhanced Interpretation: Numerology can add depth to your understanding of angel numbers, offering more nuanced interpretations based on the vibrational energy of individual numbers.
  2. Personalized Guidance: By considering your personal numerology, you can receive more personalized messages from angel numbers, aligning with your life’s path and destiny.
  3. Spiritual Growth: Both systems encourage self-reflection, mindfulness, and spiritual growth. They can deepen your connection with the universe and help navigate your spiritual journey.

Angel numbers are believed to be a unique way for the spiritual realm to communicate with us. While the idea might seem mystical, it ultimately encourages mindfulness, self-reflection, and a deeper connection with the universe. By understanding and using them, you can navigate your life’s journey with a little more insight and reassurance.

Lucky Numbers & Fortune Telling with Dice

One of the oldest traditions in hoodoo is the practice of using lucky numbers. Most people used them for gambling and lottery and numerology books were some of the most popular of the early booklets found among hoodoo supplies in magazines. Learn How to Use Dice for Lucky Numbers & Fortune Telling!

Find Your Lucky Numbers

This plan of ascertaining lucky numbers has always been exceedingly popular with those persons who try their fortune at the lottery. The manner of calculating a lucky number is as follows: Take two dice, and after shaking them well in a box, throw them out, being careful to note the whole number of spots on the uppermost sides of the dice, then repeat this operation and again mark down the number of spots as before. Having done this, you then consult the annexed table and find the number of your first throw, then follow the line down until you arrive at the number corresponding with your second throw on the opposite side of the table.

For example, we will suppose you throw the first time, and the number of spots is equal to 4. You must then look at the top of the line and find the Roman numeral IV. You throw the second time and get 7 spots; this you will find on the outside column, at the left hand, marked VII. Then all you have to do is to place your finger on the IV. at the top of the table and follow the line down until you arrive at VII.94 on the opposite side of the table, thus you will find the number 43, which is the lucky number. Should you come to a cypher (0) you must throw again. By following these simple directions you can get as many good numbers as you wish to play.
Table to Find Lucky Numbers with Dice

How to win a lottery:

While going to buy the lottery ticket, place a small magnet in your purse or bag. After you have purchased the ticket, place it next to the magnet inside the purse or bag. When you get home, rub the ticket to the magnet for 5 times and put it back together inside the bag or purse. One hour before the lottery draw is made, remove the magnet and luck would begin to flow quickly. – excerpt from the Hoodoo Witch

Fortune Telling with Dice

This is a certain and innocent way of finding out common occurrences about to take place. Take three dice, shake them well in the box with your left hand, and then cast them out on a board or table, on which you have previously drawn a circle with chalk.

Three.—A pleasing surprise.

Four.—A disagreeable one.

Five.—A stranger who will prove a friend.

Six.—Loss of property.

Seven.—Undeserved scandal.

Eight.—Merited reproach.

Nine.—A wedding.

Ten.—A christening.

Eleven.—A death that concerns you.

Twelve.—A letter speedily.

Thirteen.—Tears and sighs.

Fourteen.—Beware that you are not drawn into some trouble or plot by a secret enemy.

Fifteen.—Immediate prosperity and happiness.

Sixteen.—A pleasant journey.

Seventeen.—You will either be on the water or have dealings with those belonging to it, to your advantage.

Eighteen.—A great profit, rise in life, or some most desirable good will happen almost immediately; for the answers to the dice are always fulfilled within nine days. To show the same number twice at one trial, portends news from abroad, be the number what it may. If the dice roll over the circle, the number thrown goes for nothing, but the occurrence shows sharp words; and if they fall to the floor, it is blows. In throwing out the dice, if one remains on top of the other, it is a present of which I would have them take care.


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Fontaine, Felix. The Golden Wheel Dream-book and Fortune-teller. Dick & Fitzgerald, 1862

Noe, A.H. The Witches Dreambook and Fortune Teller. Henry J Wehman, 1885