NEW Conjure Candles Released

We love creating new products and the wall where we keep all the hoodoo supplies looks a little more loved Kiss Me Quick, D.U.M.E., and Van Van candlesevery time we invent new candles. Five NEW Conjure Candles released this month: Kiss Me Quick, DUME, Van Van, Dragon’s Blood, and Hummingbird. So we’ve got a little love, a little hate, a touch of sweetness, and a little in between.

  • Kiss Me Quick is our new conjure candle meant to rekindle marital fires or to bring about a quick love affair.
  • D.U.M.E. stands for “death unto my enemies,” although some us it as “destruction unto my enemies.”
  • Van Van is often used to set wrongs right again. It turns bad luck back into good and is especially helpful whenever that nasty Mercury in Retrograde rolls around
  • Hummingbird is already flying off the shelves and has had to be remade 5 times because of orders for it. It’s all is about experiencing sweet and special love. Can also be used to make other things in your life sweet. The scent is amazing with a blend of rose, jasmine, and vanilla
  • Dragon’s Blood is so rich and beautiful with resin sprinkled on top. Dragon’s blood resin, amber oil, patchouli oil.

    chuparossa candle

Find these new candles, and the rest of our Conjure Shop candle line, right here!

Spell/Chime Candles for Magic & Prayer

a selection of small chime/spell candlesSpell candles, also known as chime candles, are getting harder and harder to find here in Nashville, TN. Gone are the days when we would all traipse down to Magical Journey and pick up handfuls of little candles for our spellwork. Some refer to these as spirit candles.

The type of spell candles we sell in our Nashville shop are the ones most practitioners of magick are accustomed to – they are 4″ long and burn around 2.5 hours leaving behind no visible wax. Our spell candles are 40 cents each and we stock the following colors: black, green, blue, light blue, purple, lavender, pink, red, orange, gray, white, yellow, and brown. We also carry the candle holders in glass, metal, decorated in symbols, and a full line of candles in all other sizes at:

aromaG’s Botanica
223 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37214.

We also carry larger, 6 inch taper candles in: black, blue, brown, green, pink, purple, red, orange, and yellow. For reversal spells, we carry 9 inch reversing candles in two styles – red and black, and green and black.

In candle magic, color plays a large part. Below is a simple chart explaining the basics of the spell candle colors we carry along with their day of the week association below that.

Black Absorbing Negativity
Green Wealth, fertility, prosperity
Blue Success, Healing
Purple Protection – Success in legal matters
Lavender Meditation
Pink True Love, friendship
Red Sexual potency, passion, love
Orange Control, legal matters, attraction
Gray Uncrossing, neutralize
White Purity, truth, sincerity
Yellow Creativity, confidence
Brown Protection against Psychic Attack & Earth Magic

Sunday – Yellow
Monday – White
Tuesday – Red
Wednesday – Purple
Thursday – Blue
Friday – Green
Saturday – Black

If you’re interested in learning candle magic, but don’t know where to start, we also have a wide variety of books covering the topic! If you’re in the area, stop in, check out and purchase some candles. Be sure to check out our unique Candle Dressing station, free for use with every candle purchase! If you can’t stop in, that’s okay! We offer our wide variety of magical candles for purchase online and over the phone as well!

Crystal Balls in our Nashville Store

crystal ball nashvilleCrystal balls have been used for scrying and divination for thousands of years. The art or process of “seeing” is known as “scrying.” Scrying is the art of looking into a reflective surface, such as glass, water, a mirror, or a crystal, to gain mystical insight. The information gleaned then is used to make decisions in one’s life.

Many of the crystal balls we carry here at aromaG’s are crystal, reconstituted quartz, selenite, and obsidian. You’ll find both large and small sizes in our Nashville store.

Crystal balls are not only for means of divination. Many use the ball to tap into the subconscious, to bring out hidden thoughts that the one receiving the reader may not be able to consciously access. The scryer (reader of the crystal ball) may draw out these unknown thoughts and make the querent more aware of untapped thoughts that may be holding them back.

CLEANING YOUR CRYSTAL BALLsome of our crystal balls selection
when you first purchase a crystal ball, the first thing you should do it clean it to remove any energies of other people that may have handled it before you. It can be cleansed with mild, soapy water and a soft cloth or can be wiped off with vinegar water. When dry, smudge with white sage then hold the ball to bond it with your own energy.

Placing your scrying ball on a dark surface can help to diminish unwanted reflections, making it easy to stare into the ball for scrying.

It is best to use a stand or padded ring to rest your seeing crystal ball. We carry wooden stands, padded pillows, and metal stands for the ball. It is also extremely important that you not leave your scrying crystal in direct sunlight without a cloth covering; it may get mad and start a fire if you aren’t careful!

Read more about scrying here.

Why Soy Wax Candles are the Natural Alternative

Soy Wax Candles – Why Candles Made Out of Soy May Be the Healthy and Natural Alternative
by Connie Ragen Green

Why Soy Wax Candles are the Natural Alternative
one of AromaG’s Soy Fragrance Candles, Monkey Farts

Soy candles have many advantages over the more traditional paraffin candles. They were first offered to the public by a chain of stores known as The Body Shop. Even though they have only been around since the early 1990’s, candles made out of soy have continued to grow in popularity. This is no accident; these candles are more inexpensive than ones made of other ingredients, they are natural, and they also distribute more scent into the surrounding atmosphere.

It turns out that beeswax costs about ten times as much as paraffin. In searching for a cheaper alternative, soy candle wax came to be developed. When vegetable wax was combined with partially hydrogenated soybean oil, coconut oil, and palm oil, the resulting mixture was soy wax. A final additive, beeswax, was the magic ingredient that created the mixture that is now known as soy wax. This is now the most economical way to make a natural wax candle.

These soy candles have a longer burning time than those made of paraffin and other blends. This is also the reason that less soot is produced when they burn. They burn with a smaller flame, which account for this longer burn time. Also, the wicks tend to be larger and more split. It turns out that this wax contains much larger molecules with a lower volatility. It is believed that this is the reason that soy will burn for longer periods of time.

You will want to make sure you have adequate ventilation in any room where you burn candles. Trimming the wick will keep the flame going for a longer time. Make sure you do not have too many candles burning simultaneously. All of these are safety tips that will allow you to enjoy your candles even more.

Soy candles are often scented with essential oils. These oils are taken from aromatic plants and intended to enhance both health and beauty. One of my favorite scents is lavender. Candles that are scented with lavender oil are supposed to increase the alpha waves in your brain, making it easier for you to relax. There are many more scents you can choose from.

You can make your own candles out of soy fairly easily, once you know how to do it. In fact, it is much easier to make these types of candles than those made out of paraffin. Flaked soy wax will be easier to use than block wax. You can combine soy candle wax with fragrance and dye to have just the right candle for you.

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And now I invite you to learn more about the benefits of soy wax candles by visiting Soy Wax Candles and start burning, and even making, the candles that are the healthy and natural alternatives to tradition paraffin.

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