Soap Making Can be Fun and Profitable

By: Ralph Ruckman If you have ever made soap from scratch or are thinking about it, you should probably know that it can be one of the most frustrating things you will ever do. After learning the process though, a lot of people find it to be one of the best hobbies or crafts they have ever done. Soap making can be a hobby for people, but it can also turn out to be a very profitable business. Before you go rushing into thinking that you are going to just create this beautiful and profitable soap making business, you had […]

History of Perfume and Fragrance

By: Roberto Sedycias Perfume is one of those products that may influence our emotions. People`s sense of smell influences behavior and sets different moods. It may even bring up memories of the past. As a marketing tool, perfume is also present in our everyday lives and it can be found in lots of consumer products. Besides the fact that perfume is so popular, have you ever wandered how it came into being what it is today? What`s the history of perfume? Some anthropologists say that perfume was used by primitive man thru the burning of gums and resins for incense. […]

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless

I am so glad I purchased this book by Julia Lawless so many years ago because now it is so hard to find.  I actually have the first edition of The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential oils as well as her THE COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO AROMATHERAPY which, sadly, cannot be found anymore. THE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ESSENTIALS OILS has easy to find information.  So many essential oil and aromatherapy books are obsessed with recipes for what you can make with essential oils.  Lawless provides straight-forward information on the properties of essential oils, their origins, uses, botanical names and more. Product […]

Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham

Product Description Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham combines the modern science of aromatherapy with the ancient science of magical perfumery. Together they make a powerful system that can improve your life and bring you what you want. Already, over 170,000 people have found out how useful this book can be. You can, too! In these pages you’ll discover how to use aromas from fresh and dried herbs and essential oils to make changes in your life. You can use them to bring you love, peace, protection, psychic awareness, happiness, joy, and more. You’ll discover that the dried seeds of celery […]

Making Soap From Scratch by Gregory Lee White

Editorial Reviews Product Description With a no-nonsense approach and easy to follow directions, writer and professional soapmaker, Gregory White, shares his experience (and recipes) for creating all-vegetable, cold-process soaps. White takes the reader step by step through the process of making natural soaps for family, friends and for profit. Easy to understand and master. Includes tips on: time-saving shortcuts, natural scent selections and large production. Includes an essential oil guide. Includes a humorous chapter titled: Bubbles and Bull, A Saucy Look into the Life of a Soap Maker – telling stories of disastrous partnerships, comical customers and the perils of […]

The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood

  Editorial Reviews From Library Journal There are plenty of good books on herbs, and some of them devote a chapter to essential oils, but there’s nothing comparable to Worwood’s work. Her premise is different from other herbalists–she believes that the most effective way to use herbs medicinally is by external application or inhalation. Both methods allow the essential oil to enter the bloodstream without passing through the digestive tract. Her grasp of basic physiology is somewhat confused, but there’s nothing dangerous in her suggestions. (Worwood runs an aromatherapy clinic in England and conducts research on aromatherapy.) Her book prescribes […]

Melt and Pour soap base

All melt and pour bases are not created equal. If you are wanting to get into melt and pour soap either just for yourself or to sell in your business, you need to start with a high quality base first. While we have been using our cold processed handmade soap for years, there are times when I turn to a melt and pour soap for my personal use, mainly when I want to scent a soap with a really expensive essential oil such as sandalwood or jasmine absolute. Unlike cold process soaps, melt and pour soap bases can take very […]

Waterproof Labels

Several years ago when we started carrying bottles of essential oil, we went in search of a good waterproof label. We had tried regular labels but the oils smeared the ink, most of the time removing our company name or the website – and that sure isn’t good for business. We use the weatherproof labels from Online Labels. The exact one is found here – These are the full sheet waterproof labels, meaning, we print several labels on a sheet and cut them out by hand. I know, it sounds like a lot of extra work but we found […]

Nice to be noticed

So, I was wandering through out site statistics and found a site linking to us found here – I’m glad they did because I was unaware their site existed.  It appears to be a really comprehensive blog about making homemade bath products.  From what I can tell, since 2007 the site has created over 1500 blog posts on the subject. There you will find lists of suppliers, reviews of classes, articles on homemade bath products, as well as a generous listing of other related blogs and websites.  The blog host also teaches classes on the subject of making bath products […]

Facial Scrubs

Face Scrubs Scrubs exfoliate the skin, clearing away excessive oiliness. Facial scrubs are usually not as abrasive as body scrubs because the facial skin is more tender. However, face scrubs do help to unclog the pores and improve the circulation, leaving the skin looking renewed. How often should you use a facial scrub? That depends entirely on your skin type. Oily skin care take using face scrubs more often than dry skin, which seems to be the total opposite of logic. But, dry skin is more fragile than oily skin. Oily skin needs the pores cleaned more frequently. If one […]

Bath Oil blends

This particular blend of essential oils is said to help with dry skin and skin repair. Dry Skin Bath Oil 4 drops chamomile essential oil 4 drops palmarosa essential oil 2 drops patchouli essential oil 1 drop lavender essential oil Blend the essential oils in one teaspoon of vegetable oil. If you don’t have luxury oils, canola or olive oil straight from the kitchen cabinet will do. Run bath water and drop your bath oil blend in, swishing around the water before getting into the tub. Spots of the bath oil with float on the water. Pick them up wherever […]

Body Mousse

Whisked body mousse recipe 14.8 ounces distilled water 1.2 ounces sweet almond oil 1.2 ounces grapeseed oil 1 ounce glycerin 1 ounce emulsifying wax 0.7 ounces stearic acid Use right away, store in refrigerator for a few days, OR, use 0.2 ounces preservative. 30 drops favorite fragrance or essential oil. Put in a microwave safe bowl the – sweet almond, grapeseed, glycerin, emulsifying wax and stearic acid. When stearic acid and ewax have melted, remove from microwave. Pour into a standing mixer and use a cake mixer, although the standing mixer works best and whisk at medium speed for a […]

Raspberry Sugar Scrub

Raspberry Sugar Scrub recipe 1 cup granulated sugar 1/4 cup powdered oats 2 tablespoons dried raspberry seeds 2 tablespoons dried cranberry seeds Jojoba oil, enough to moisten the sugar Scent choices – Option one, 20 drops raspberry fragrance oil OR Option two (natural), 15 drops sweet orange essential oil, 5 drops lavender essential oil, 2 drops juniper essential oil. Mix all ingredients together. Add just enough jojoba oil until the consistency is reached that you like in a scrub. Use to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Don’t forget, oil scrubs make the rub slippery.

Beeswax Oats soap recipe

Beeswax Soap This makes for a nice, hard bar of soap.  The warm and nutty-like smells of beeswax and oats is like bathing with comfort food.  Because of the beeswax in this recipe, it is better to use lower temperatures such as below 130 degrees F.  Works especially well when using the pre-cooled master batch method. 16 ounces vegetable shortening 14 ounces coconut oil 14 ounces olive oil 4 ounces cocoa butter 2 ounces castor oil 2.5 ounces beeswax 7 ounces lye 16.5 ounces distilled water 1/2 cup powdered oats 2 tablespoons honey 1/2 ounce palmarosa essential oil 1/2 ounce […]

Cucumber Mask

Most people use cucumber slice to sooth puffy eyes. However, cucumber can be used over the entire face to tighten the skin. For this cucumber mask you will need:

1/2 cucumber, peeled
1 tablespoon kaolin clay
1 tablespoon powdered oats

puree cucumber in blend or food processor until

Avocado Face Mask

Avocado Face Mask There are so many recipes out there for an avocado face mask, but no one ever tells you why avocados are good for the face.  The answer is simple.  Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat (the good kind of fat).  The omega-3 fatty acids have an effect on the skin when mashed avocados are applied to the face as a mask – it actually helps to plump up the skin which helps hide lines and wrinkles.  An avocado mask is used for dry skin because avocados contain a lot of natural oils (good fat, remember?).  So, the […]

Mosquito soap recipe

MOSQUITO SOAP There are many essential oils that fight off mosquitoes and ticks. Citronella is the most widely known and the most recognizable when it comes to the scent. Mixing citronella with other oils that have similar properties create an effective bug-fighting soap with a more appealing fragrance. 24 ounces soybean shortening 10 ounces olive oil 10 ounces coconut oil 13.5 ounces water 6.2 ounces lye 1 ounces citronella essential oil 1 ounce lemon eucalyptus essential oil 1/2 ounces lemongrass essential oil 1/2 ounces cedarwood essential oil ¼ teaspoon yellow oxide colorant A few years ago, the CDC put out […]

Oatmeal Honey soap recipe

OATMEAL MILK HONEY SOAP Our version really doesn’t have a fragrance but it feels wonderful on the skin. Personally, I think it smells like pound cake — everyone else says, “I don’t smell anything”. Many of our customers with eczema swear by this soap. For a more interesting and textured look, sprinkle whole oats onto the top of the soap right after pouring into the mold. 10 ounces olive oil 10 ounces coconut oil 24 ounces soybean shortening 13.5 ounces water 6.2 ounces lye 3 ounces cow’s milk 4 teaspoons powdered oatmeal 2 teaspoons powdered or regular honey The benefits […]

Lavender Patchouli soap recipe

LAVENDER PATCHOULI SOAP These two essential oils work wonderfully together. The patchouli makes the scent of lavender stronger while adding an earthy undertone at the same time. Since our company makes so many types of Lavender soap, I like to color this one pale brown to remind people about the addition of the patchouli. Usually, frequent customers go hunting for it by looking for the familiar color. 10 ounces olive oil 10 ounces coconut oil 24 ounces soybean shortening 13.5 ounces water 6.2 ounces lye 2 ounces lavender essential oil 1 ounces patchouli essential oil 1/16 teaspoon brown oxide colorant […]

Tangerine honey soap recipe

TANGERINE HONEY SOAP This recipe smells really wonderful in the shower but you can’t let it sit too long before cutting it into bars. Something about all the citrus in the recipe makes the loaf become really hard after twenty-four hours. If you find that you would like to anchor the tangerine scent a little more, try replacing half of the sweet orange essential oil with patchouli. 24 ounces soybean shortening 10 ounces olive oil 10 ounces coconut oil 13.5 ounces water 6.2 ounces lye 2 ounces tangerine orange essential oil 1 ounce sweet orange essential oil ¼ teaspoon yellow […]

Lavender soap recipe

LAVENDER SOAP Lavender soap is one of the first things that come to mind when people think about handmade soap. Few people realize how strong essential oils actually are. It takes an acre of lavender plants to get approximately twelve pounds of lavender essential oil. Best known for its relaxation qualities, lavender essential oil is the first thing we reach for in our household when it comes to burns and bug bites. 10 ounces coconut oil 10 ounces olive oil 24 ounces soybean shortening 13.5 ounces water 6.2 ounces lye 3 ounces lavender essential oil 2 teaspoons lavender buds follow […]

Grapefruit Orange soap recipe

GRAPEFRUIT ORANGE SOAP This bar is great for anyone that loves citrus scents. This particular soap takes a little longer to trace and the addition of calendula petals make pretty yellow flecks throughout the soap. Soaps with all citrus oils have a tendency to “lock in” the fragrance when cured. Meaning, the bar doesn’t seem to smell very strong but does when you get the soap wet in the bath or shower. If you’d like to anchor the scent a little more, replace ½ ounce of the sweet orange essential oil with patchouli essential oil. 10 ounces coconut oil 10 […]

Holiday Spice soap recipe

HOLIDAY POMANDER SPICE SOAP During Victorian times, it was popular to make po-manders to scent the room, especially at Christmas time. Normally, one would take an orange, puncture it with holes and fill the holes with whole cloves. Sometimes, it was then rolled in cinnamon and placed on a dish to scent the room. When dried, some used pomanders as ornaments for the holiday tree. Like the spice tea soap, some of the ingredients speed up trace. Feel free to use a bit more water if you run into problems. The best solution is to work quickly and get your […]

Tea Tree Ice Soap recipe

Tea Tree Ice Soap The reason we call this tea tree ice is because of the half ounce of peppermint used in the recipe. It is just enough to make a nice, cooling and tingly feeling on the skin. The tea tree works as a natural antifungal and antibacterial, great for problems like athletes foot. But this doesn’t have to be just a medicinal recipe. The inclusion of the lavender essential oil makes this blend a pleasing, refreshing scent. Base oils for soap recipe 2 ounces castor oil 11 ounces coconut oil 25 ounces olive oil 5 ounces palm oil […]

Herbal massage oil recipe

This particular massage oil is a type of oil infusion.  It is made by steeping plant matter in oils for several days or weeks in an attempt to extract the properties of the plants.  This is a great excuse for planting more herbs and healing flowers in your home garden.  In a pint jar add two handfuls of freshly picked rose petals.  Rose petals tend to take up a lot of space because of their shape.  If you have to, press the petals down firmly with a wooden spoon.  Don’t worry about crushing the petals in the process – this […]

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