New Conjure Candles released

We love creating new products and the wall where we keep all the hoodoo supplies looks a little more loved every time we invent new candles. Five NEW Conjure Candles released this month: Kiss Me Quick, DUME, Van Van, Dragon’s Blood, and Hummingbird. So we’ve got a little love, a little hate, a touch of sweetness, and a little in between.…/hoodoofolkmagiccandles/ Kiss Me Quick oil is meant to rekindle marital fires or to bring about a quick love affair. D.U.M.E. stands for “death unto my enemies,” although some us it as “destruction unto my enemies.” Van Van oil is […]

Moving Candle Come to Me spell

MOVING CANDLE COME TO ME SPELL – this is to bring someone closer to you, perhaps someone you have an interest in, but the “spark” hasn’t quite happened yet. This same work can be used for a spell of reconciliation. If that is the case, just replace the COME TO ME oil with RECONCILE oil and write your petition accordingly. This spell calls for a male and a female figural candle. Replace, if needed, according to your sexual orientation. What you will need: 1 male figural candle, red or pink 1 female figural candle, red or pink COME TO ME […]

Pyramid of Power Spell – to Regain Your Personal Power and Confidence

PYRAMID OF POWER spell this spell is one of personal power, to regain your confidence and take back control of all your good qualities so that you can forge the life you want to create. What you will need: 1 purple vigil candle 1 black vigil candle 1 white vigil candle JOAN OF ARC oil JINX BEGONE or SAINT CYPRIAN oil SHAMAN BLESSING oilTake three vigil candles: one purple, one black, and one white. Form in a triangle with the purple candle at the head, the black to the bottom left, and the white to the right left. Purple candle, dress with […]

Foot Track Magic Cleansing

This is based on an old Hoodoo rite for removing crossed conditions. It can be used to remove foot track magic (like hot foot) or for cleansing a home of the residue of foot track magic. What you will need: holy water ammonia powdered horseradish JINX BEGONE or SAINT CYPRIAN oil 3 straws from a broom plain water The implementation is simple. Take about a half cup of ammonia and mix in a bucket with about 5 cups of water. Add a pinch of powdered horseradish, 3 straws from a broom, a dash of holy water, and about a capful of JINX […]

Cross of Michael Protection Spell

CROSS OF MICHAEL – this spell is not only one of protection, but also for creating a protective amulet that you will wear on your body . What you will need: 4 white spell or taper candles St. Michael medallion 4 quartz crystals red brick dust WALL OF FIRE Protection oil ARCHANGEL MICHAEL oil Place the white candles in the sign of the cross – top, bottom, left and right and anoint each one with WALL OF FIRE.Now anoint your four quartz crystals with the WALL OF FIRE oil and place in the empty spaces between the candles. Next, anoint the […]

Down the River Enemy Removal Bottle Spell

Bottle spells thrown into running water are usually to send a person away from you – to a different location. If you live near a river, even better. What you will need: small bottle – between 2 and 4 ounces nails lemon juice CAST OUT AND BANISH oil picture of your target red peppers If you do not have a picture of your target, write their name on a piece of paper seven times and write your petition over their name. If you do have a picture, write your petition over it stating exactly what you want to happen. Fold […]

Fire and Salt Protection Bottle spell

FIRE AND SALT PROTECTION BOTTLE – easy to put together but packs a powerful punch. Combines the elements of protection found in both witchcraft and Hoodoo. What you will need: small glass bottle with cork or lid bay leaf clove garlic salt sage 2 red spell candles WALL OF FIRE or SAINT CHRISTOPHER oil Choose a bottle that is small enough to hide under your front porch or bury near (if you have a porch that can’t be accessed underneath.) Pour about two capfuls of protection oil inside the bottle. Put inside: the bay leaf, sage, and clove of garlic. If the neck […]

Witchcraft in Nashville

(reprinted from a 2013 entry) Some people call what I do witchcraft. It is something different. Hoodoo and folk magic are not witchcraft or Wicca. First of all, Wicca is a religion. In my practical folk magic practice I use a combination of: the gift of intuition, my extensive knowledge of herbs and oils (and how they are used magically), along with a strong sense of intention. My studio and store are located in Nashville, Tennessee, and I often see clients who are looking for ways to reduce stress and find a sense of inner peace. Other clients have other […]

Spell Candles in Nashville – Chime Candles for spellwork, wicca, witchcraft

Spell candles, also known as chime candles, are getting harder and harder to find here in Nashville, TN. Gone are the days when we would all traipse down to Magical Journey and pick up handfuls of little candles for our spellwork. Some refer to these as spirit candles. The type of spell candles we sell in our Nashville shop are the ones most practitioners of magick are accustomed to – they are 4″ long and burn around 2.5 hours leaving behind no visible wax. Our spell candles are 40 cents each and we stock the following colors: black, green, blue, […]

Charging for Readings and Energy Work

People have been debating about this topic for years – whether or not to charge for services such as reiki, healing touch therapy, psychic readings, etc. Forget debate, some people downright argue about it – passionately and loudly. A Sense of Balance Those who feel you should not charge usually say, “I would never charge someone for a sacred gift that was given to me. It is my duty to give it away!” This may be true for some people and I often wonder if they have some cosmic debt to repay. Other times, those who do not charge EVENTUALLY […]

Working Against Yourself and Magic

You can’t plant a pot of flowers and then complain they died because you never watered them. And so it is the same when seeking out magical work. It is more than lighting a candle and walking away from it. You have to put in the intention, the desire, and the work behind what you are wanting to accomplish. If you come to me for a spell to help you find work, yet, you aren’t putting in applications anywhere – you are working against yourself You want a spell to make you a famous actor, yet, you’ve never auditioned for […]


This is taken from the booklet GIPSY FORTUNE TELLER which is now in the public domain. The author is listed as W. Parker, a professor of astrology and was transcribed from the [1860?] T. Goode edition. So, you will may see phrasing, customs, and ideas that may or may not fit into contemporary metaphysical ideas. It is presented here as a method of preserving old knowledge. ——————– 1st.—A child born on this day, will not live to any great age, is likely to have many excellent friends, and will do well in business, have much money and property, of a […]

How to Use Dice for Lucky Numbers and Fortune Telling

One of the oldest traditions in hoodoo is the practice of using lucky numbers. Most people used them for gambling and lottery and numerology books were some of the most popular of the early booklets found among hoodoo supplies in magazines. Find Your Lucky Numbers This plan of ascertaining lucky numbers has always been exceedingly popular with those persons who try their fortune at the lottery. The manner of calculating a lucky number is as follows: Take two dice, and after shaking them well in a box, throw them out, being careful to note the whole number of spots on […]

Nashville Witchcraft and Wicca Supply Store

Our nashville store has been in business since 1999, supplying both witches and curiosity seekers everything they need in their magickal practice. Whether you choose from our selection from over 300 herbs to mix your potions and sew your sachets or browse through our candles in every style, shape, and color — we have something for the witch that resides in everyone. We have a large book selection catering to beginners in Wicca to the seasoned practitioner. Books on Celtic magic, Druids, Asatru, Norse magic, Goddess worship, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria, the Orishas, Witchcraft studies, Cabala (Kabbalah), and Egyptian magick. Well […]

Moving Candle Spell – Love Triangle

Moving Candle Spell – Love Triangle This moving candle spell uses three figural candles, one each to represent the three parties involved in a love triangle. Each candle should be carved with the name of the person it represents along with any other information that focuses on that person (birthdate, personal information, sign of the zodiac, and more.) This is most often used to break up two people and have one of those people return to another person. The candle representing the two people currently in a relationship are placed towards one side of a rectangular space (you can cover […]

Wall of Fire Protection candle magic spell

Wall of Fire Protection candle magic spell Wall of Fire Protection candle spell is meant to shield you (or someone else you are trying to protect) from outside influences that mean you harm. The center candle in white represents the person being protected. We usually use a white cross candle to signify the person but you can use a male or female figural candle if you prefer. It is then surrounded by 2 red candles, 2 orange candles, and 2 yellow candles — all the colors of fire. These candles make a circle around you and are anointed with our […]

Passion and Lust spell of sex and attraction

Passion and Lust spell of sex and attraction Lust and Passion spells are meant to ignite or awaken sexual desire. Some people use this to bring spark back into an old relationship, while others want to increase someone’s sexual desire towards them. Pictured is the female member candle spell but it can be performed with either a male of female candle.  First, the name of your target is carved into the candle along with any other personal information might connect them: sign of the zodiac, birth date, favorite color, current city, place of birth, etc. The candle is anointed and […]

How to use Oregano essential oil

How to use Oregano essential oil Oregano essential oil. Your mind might go directly to Italian food when you think of oregano. But the herb and the concentrated essential oil have a wide variety of uses and benefits. Around here, whenever we feel a cold coming on, we place one drop of our oregano oil into a cup of our Cold n Flu tea and that seems to really help with the oncoming illness. Botanically known as Origanum vulgare, oregano is a flowering plant from the same family as mint. While you certainly won’t have enough to make your own […]

Money Drawing spell – free spell

Money Drawing spell – free spell MONEY DRAWING spell work is something that we perform every day. Our store has a money altar near the front door where a green money candle is lit during all hours we are open and sits beside our money honey jar. Another money drawing altar is right inside the door of our little cottage church where this money drawing candle spell was created. Here we used items that are associated with money magic: real cash, coins, i-ching coins, pyrite, lodestone, cinnamon sticks, green rice, alfalfa and other ingredients depending on your particular situation. The […]

Return to Me love spell – bring back a lost love

This Return to Me spell focuses on bringing someone back into your life who has left. People often ask how return to me work is different than reconciliation. To me, return to me love work is about getting someone who has physically left your home/space to return to it so things can be repaired or worked out. While Reconcile work can certainly has the same “vibe” to it, hoodoo spells of reconciliation might focus on the relationship itself. For example, perhaps two people have drifted apart BUT they still live in the same house. The way I designed this working […]

Celebrating Yule

  Today Yule is used to a lesser extent in the English-speaking world as a primary synonym for Christmas. Present-day Christmas customs and also practices such as the Yule log, Yule goat, Yule boar, Yule singing, and others come from pagan Yule. Today the event is commemorated in Heathenry as well as a few other types of Modern Paganism. The Pagan holiday known as Yule takes place on the day of the winter solstice, around December 21 when the planet’s axis turns away from the sun in the Northern Hemisphere. Many cultures all over the world have winter events that […]

Crystal Balls in our Nashville Store

Crystal balls have been used for scrying and divination for thousands of years. The art or process of “seeing” is known as “scrying.” Scrying is the art of looking into a reflective surface, such as glass, water, a mirror, or a crystal, to gain mystical insight. The information gleaned then is used to make decisions in one’s life. Many of the crystal balls we carry here at aromaG’s are crystal, reconstituted quartz, selenite, and obsidian. You’ll find both large and small crystal balls in our Nashville store and we can order extra-large balls for you by request. Crystal balls are not only […]

How Essential Oils are Made

How Essential Oils are Made The following article is an excerpt from the book – ESSENTIAL OILS AND AROMATHERAPY: HOW TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS FOR BEAUTY, HEALTH, AND SPIRITUALITY by Gregory Lee White. Available on Amazon in print edition and on Kindle. DISTILLATION Many of the most common essential oils are steam distilled. It is the same process you see in the movies of people making moonshine. Sometimes the big copper coil and all are used. The plant matter, which may consist of flowers, roots, leaves, and more, is placed in the distillation apparatus with water (also known as an […]

Where to buy essential oils in Nashville

Where To Buy Essential Oils in Nashville TN Our aromatherapy shop has the largest variety of essential oils in Nashville carrying over sixty different essential oils. We purchase our essential oils in bulk from reputable suppliers who buy directly from the farms that harvest the plants and distill the oils. When they arrive to us, we bottle them in half ounce bottle and place our oil resistant aromagregory labels. This is why our essential oils are more affordable than other companies. We do not multi level market our oils, so there is no need to inflate the prices in order […]

Essential Oil and Aromatherapy book

Essential Oil and Aromatherapy book Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: How to Use Essential Oils for Beauty, Health, and Spirituality is written in a personable and easy to understand style and covers all of the important aspects of aromatherapy and essential oils. Reads like a conversation instead of a text book. Authored by a professional aromatherapist, it includes the history of aromatherapy, how to use the oils, the chemistry of essential oils, how to create a balanced blend, how essential oils are made, the carrier oils used in blends, scent notes, a few questionable aspects of the industry, recipes to get […]

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