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Florida Water Protection Bottle spell

Florida Water is already used in Hoodoo and some folk magical paths as a counterpart for holy water. So, by nature, it is already protective. Here florida water bottlewe’re going to add additional ingredients and perform a little magical work to create a Florida Water protection bottle spell. Protection magic is one of the oldest and most often asked about types of magical spellwork. Protection spells has been recorded all the way back to the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, and is found in magical belief systems from all over the world.

  1.  Take a bottle of Florida water and remove the label.
  2. Now, cut out a piece of paper about the same size as the original label and write on it the beginning of Psalm 31:
     I come to you, Lord, for protection; never let me be defeated. You are a righteous God; save me, I pray!  Hear me! Save me now! Be my refuge to protect me; my defense to save me.  You are my refuge and defense; guide me and lead me as you have promised.  Keep me safe from the trap that has been set for me; shelter me from danger.  I place myself in your care.
  3. Write your name and the names of all who live in your household between the lines of the psalm. Wrap the new label around the bottle facing inward. You can tape it to the bottle with clearing packing tape.


Ingredients you’ll need for the Florida Water Protection spell. Use a pinch each. Inside the Florida water bottle you’re going to add:

  • Angelica root (to receive blessings)
  • Blue cornflowers or lavender buds (for peace in the home) 
  • Plantain (to prevent theft)
  • Pinch epsom salt (to reverse any evil)
  • 3 straws from your broom (to keep away unwanted visitors)
  • Piece of tourmaline (grounding, but also thwarts complaining neighbors)

Take 3 white chime candles and anoint with House Blessing oil. Burn one candle beside the bottle, every day for 3 days. Place a good loaf of bread on the other side of the bottle. Shake the bottle every day.

When finished, use the Florida water to anoint your doorways, welcome mat, front porch, your mailbox. Pinch up the loaf of bread and spread in your yard so that the birds can carry your blessings and protection up into the trees and throughout your neighborhood.   – Papa Gee

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willow tree hoodoo spell

Move Away Willow Tree Hoodoo Spell

Move Away Willow Tree Hoodoo Spell

willow tree hoodoo spellthis is based on an old Hoodoo spell to get a neighboring enemy to move away .

Take the branch of a willow tree from its North or South side – you do not want a branch that the sun shines on in the morning or evening. Take the branch home and strip it clean until it is smooth. It should now resemble a whip. Rub the branch down with a small amount of oil (olive, canola, peanut, etc) then sprinkle the branch with black pepper. Every day for 3 weeks, take to your enemy’s house and whip against the ground on the edge of their property. (their porch steps is better but doing this for 3 weeks straight seems a little risky.) If you cannot approach their home at all, print out or draw a picture of their house and include the house number. Swat that drawing with the branch every day for 3 weeks.

At the end of the 3 week period,

  • burn the paper and collect the ashes.
  • Take the ashes and the branch to a graveyard.
  • Dig a hole in the center of a grave,
  • drop in the ashes, plant the branch in the hole.
  • Turn and walk away without looking back.

for extra power, rub hot foot oil on the willow branch instead of plain oil.

voodoo doll cloth

Voodoo Dolls and Hoodoo Doll Babies

beeswax doll poppet

beeswax poppets

Voodoo Dolls and Hoodoo Doll Babies

Let’s talk about voodoo dolls or, in Hoodoo, they’re known as doll babies. Voodoo dolls have gotten a bad name, mainly from the movie industry, who have shown depictions of people using them to stick in pins and harm someone else. But initially, the voodoo doll was known for healing. Its origins are actually British and have been used there for hundreds of years. Most of the time, they would take a doll which is supposed to represent a specific person; it’s their effigy. And let’s say they were sick. They would possibly stuff a doll with healing herbs, and they would actually doctor on the doll too, and perhaps use a form of prayer to help heal the person. So originally, they were a work of good.The movie industry, which we know needs to market dramatics to make it entertaining, has turned the voodoo doll into a wicked thing.

Choosing a type of doll for your voodoo doll

There are countless ways to make your own dolls for this purpose. One great add-on is to take a small vile and fill it with whatever herbs are appropriate for the doll’s situation, cork it shut, and sew it to one of the doll’s hands. This works exceptionally well with something like a yarn doll or a corn husk doll, which you can’t fill with herbs. Some people like to have a fully sewn doll. You can always make it yourself or go to the craft store where they usually carry them in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can even find tiny ones for about $5 for a pack of six. Little dolls like this are easy to conceal.

corn dolly poppet

Cornhusk dolly

But, you can use any sort of doll – even a Barbie doll. Also found in the craft store are the wooden figures used to help you sketch the human body.

  • cloth voodoo doll
  • wax poppets
  • corn dolly as a voodoo doll
  • purchased dolls like Barbie
  • purchased baby dolls make good hoodoo doll babies
  • stick dolls bound by string or twine
  • statues
  • wooden art figures

The main objective is to use an object that represents a person. Anointing your doll with magical oils to change their vibration to your wish. For example, let’s say you’re wanting to reconcile with someone. You may put something like Reconcile oil on the doll on the chest where the heart is. For money matters, put money drawing oil on the doll’s hands. For general healing, anoint the doll’s head with healing energy oil.
These are just a few examples of how you can tend to your doll baby.

The first step is to baptize it in the person’s name. You might actually bath the doll in holy water while reciting the person’s name. If that isn’t an option, you might leave it resting on top of his or her picture overnight.

voodoo doll clothAnd you care for them in different ways, depending on the intended purpose. Let’s say you want to make one for passion. This type of doll should be cuddled and kissed on. You should whisper to it, telling it all the things you want your lover to know how you feel, how you want them to think of you. And you should sleep with it for the first three nights, just like you would a mojo bag. And after that, you can tuck it in as into its own special place. Some people make a little bed for them so that you can actually tuck it in at night, showing the doll or the person you’re targeting, how much you care about them. Prove how much you’re willing to nurture them, be there for them. This is simply a way to show it affection and put that desire out into the universe. Some people will actually place this doll down their pants when they sleep. Traditionally, they would slide the doll in their underwear and sleep with it, which awakens the other person’s passion. Another way to use the passion doll is to tie it underneath your bed. If you’re in a relationship with the person and that person’s going to be in your bed, tie it up underneath, it just don’t let them see it.

antique dolls as voodoo dolls

regular dolls can be used as a voodoo doll or doll baby

For the act of healing another with a doll, you can anoint it with healing oils or Holy water. You might decide to put a candle beside it with the intention of the flame burning out the sickness. Don’t be afraid to use your instincts and imagination. If someone’s actually hurt in a specific place, you can massage the doll in that area. Let’s say, for example, someone you love has a broken arm. You can rub it herbs or oils, envisioning that broken bone mending back together. For depression, massage the doll’s head and send it white light. For a cold or flu, anoint where the lungs would be. This is the traditional method of using a doll for healing.

If you want to use a doll to bring more money, you might choose a green one and anoint with money drawing oil. Leave it beside you when you’re balancing your checkbook. When you’re filling out your tax returns, when you’re going over a business plan – keep it right there with you beside the computer. When you’re filling out applications, you might rest in on a bed of cinnamon sticks, which are money drawing, fenugreek, all the money drawing ingredients. A success doll is similar to a money doll. You might choose to make it in like another shade of green or purple. Work it for the things you want to achieve in life. Most of the time, this is your own likeness, and you would do the magical work for yourself. For example, a lot of success spells are done by artists and musicians. If you are a guitarist, you will play the guitar to the doll every night before you tuck it in. If you’re a painter, set it beside your easel while you work. An accountant? Put it beside the calculator!

Think about props to use with your doll baby. Let’s say you’re wanting to be a popular entertainer. Cut out a picture of a large stadium, packed with people, and anoint the doll with success oils or powders. Then place the doll in front of this image, using the stadium or stage as a backdrop. And it’s supposed to represent you, this imagery can help you define your goals and get a clear picture of your future success.

If you need a protection doll, you will anoint it with things that are protective of nature. You may smudge it first so that it is completely clean, put it in a place where it’ll protect and guard you. You can actually do more than one, putting one at the front door and the other at the back door. Think of them as little ‘guard dolls.’

Finally, we get to the baneful doll, which some call the voodoo doll. But, that’s not very fair to Vodou’s religion, so we’ll use the term ‘dolly baby.’ This type of doll is mistreated or harassed. Maybe you want someone to move away and not be a part of your life anymore. Perhaps you’ll tell that person via the doll that they will have a constant headache until they move away and leave you alone. Each day, you take the doll and thump its head against furniture or a stone. The concept is to make the person relent, and they finally give in to your will. Is this evil work? That would depend on why you want the person to leave. For example, commanding a stalker to leave you alone would be considered protective work. Another way of working your baneful doll is to burn it. Take the ashes and drive them to the other side of town and dump them out to get this person out of your life. You can throw it in a river with running water or onto railroad tracks – another way to get someone to move away from you.

Whether you Hoodoo doll baby is fabric or wood or beeswax or yarn, the amount of time and attention you give the doll is what crafts the magical energy. With perseverance, hopefully, things will begin turning your way.

New Conjure Candles released

We love creating new products and the wall where we keep all the hoodoo supplies looks a little more loved every time we invent new candles. Five NEW Conjure Candles released this month: Kiss Me Quick, DUME, Van Van, Dragon’s Blood, and Hummingbird. So we’ve got a little love, a little hate, a touch of sweetness, and a little in between.…/hoodoofolkmagiccandles/

Kiss Me Quick oil is meant to rekindle marital fires or to bring about a quick love affair.

D.U.M.E. stands for “death unto my enemies,” although some us it as “destruction unto my enemies.”

Van Van oil is often used to set wrongs right again. It turns bad luck back into good and is especially helpful whenever that nasty Mercury in Retrograde rolls around.

Hummingbird is already flying off the shelves and has had to be remade 5 times because of orders for it. It’s all is about experiencing sweet and special love. Can also be used to make other things in your life sweet. The scent is amazing with a blend of rose, jasmine, and vanilla.

Dragons Blood is so rich and beautiful with resin sprinkled on top. Dragon’s blood resin, amber oil, patchouli oil. chuparossa candle

Moving Candle Come to Me spell


this is to bring someone closer to you, perhaps someone you have an interest in, but the “spark” hasn’t quite happened yet. This same work can be used for a spell of reconciliation. If that is the case, just replace the COME TO ME oil with RECONCILE oil and write your petition accordingly. This spell calls for a male and a female figural candle. Replace, if needed, according to your sexual orientation.

What you will need:

1 male figural candle, red or pink
1 female figural candle, red or pink
rose petals
1 lodestone
paper and pencil

red or pink ribbon

First, carve the names for each person on the candle that represents them. For the male, write his name and on the female, her name. If you don’t want to use a knife, you can easily carve words into the candle using the tip of an ink pen or even a toothpick. Rub COME TO ME oil into each candle over your carvings in an upward motion. If you happen to have hair from the person you want to attract, place it under their candle. You can do the same with your own.

These candles will melt and run across a surface. You need something flat with a lip around the edges to place the candles on. A cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil makes for a simple, easy to clean up workspace. Write your name on a piece of paper seven times. Now, turn the paper and write your love interest’s name seven times so that it interlocks with your name. This will “weave” the two names together. Anoint each corner and the center of the paper with your COME TO ME oil. Place the petition paper in the center of the cookie sheet and set the lodestone on top of it.

Now, set each candle on opposite sides of the cookie sheet facing each other. It isn’t necessary to move them all the way to each edge. You want to leave enough room around the sheet so that you can sprinkle a ring of rose petals all the way around the two candles, locking them into a circle of roses.

Light each candle, and state your intention. The wording doesn’t have to be lengthy or rhyme. Simply speak from the heart and say what you want to happen. Some people choose to pray at this time. Every 10 minutes scoot each candle a little closer to the center, about an inch or so. After doing this several times, the candles should be touching (or almost touching, depending on how to candle is made) and both be on top of your petition paper. Now that they have moved across the surface and finally found each other, allow them to burn the rest of the way down without disturbing. The next day, gather the rose petals from the surface. You can either save them to use in a mojo bag later or sprinkle a few petals into your bath water on the days you plan to see your intended. Also, keep a little COME TO ME oil behind your ears or on your wrists when you know the two of you will be together. Gather the foil around the wax and tie with a red or pink ribbon. Place under your bed for seven nights. After the seven days is up, bury in your front yard beside the porch to entice them to come to your house. If you live in an apartment, you can bury at the bottom of a potted plant. I knew someone who placed it in the bottom of the umbrella stand beside her front door.

Pyramid of Power Spell – to Regain Your Personal Power and Confidence


this spell is one of personal power, to regain your confidence and take back control of all your good qualities so that you can forge the life you want to create.

  • What you will need:
  • 1 purple vigil candle
  • 1 black vigil candle
  • 1 white vigil candle
  • JOAN OF ARC oil
  • SHAMAN BLESSING oilTake three vigil candles: one purple, one black, and one white. Form in a triangle with the purple candle at the head, the black to the bottom left, and the white to the right left. Purple candle, dress with JOAN OF ARC oil; Black candle, dress with JINX BEGONE or SAINT CYPRIAN oil; White candle, dress with SHAMAN BLESSING oil.In the center of these three candles, place a small bowl of sugar and put a picture of yourself in the bowl. If you can, try to choose a picture of yourself that you genuinely like, one that was taken on a happy day. On the back of the picture, write out all of your good qualities and things that make you feel blessed. Anoint in the sign of the cross with the SHAMAN BLESSING OIL.

To the left of the black candle, place a fire safe dish. Write out all things that are holding you back in life such as bad habits, certain people, or unpleasant situations. Each day, until all the candles have burned out, tear the paper into smaller pieces and move further away from the candles. When all the candles have finished burning, burn the pieces of paper. Take the ashes outside at sunset and blow them to the West in the direction of the setting sun.

Take your photograph, fold it towards you three times and carry with for the next three weeks. Longer if you prefer and can use it as an ingredient in a mojo bag.

Foot Track Magic Cleansing

This is based on an old Hoodoo rite for removing crossed conditions. It can be used to remove foot track magic (like hot foot) or for cleansing a home of the residue of foot track magic.

What you will need:

holy water


powdered horseradish


3 straws from a broom

plain water

The implementation is simple. Take about a half cup of ammonia and mix in a bucket with about 5 cups of water. Add a pinch of powdered horseradish, 3 straws from a broom, a dash of holy water, and about a capful of JINX BEGONE or CYPRIAN oil.  Mix well. Take a rag or sponge and cleanse the four corners on the house (inside.)  If you are concerned about the mixture spoiling carpeting (or anything else) then simply wipe down the baseboards in the four corners of the house.  This does not mean the four corners of the person’s room, but of the entire home. So, you will have to go from room to room to touch all four corners of the structure.  When you have done this, take outside and dump the rest on the front porch. After spreading it around a bit, feel free to pour more water on the porch to cleanse it. Now, the cleansing will be carried throughout the rest of your house whenever someone enters the front door.

Cross of Michael Protection Spell


this spell is not only one of protection, but also for creating a protective amulet that you will wear on your body .

  • What you will need:
  • 4 white spell or taper candles
  • St. Michael medallion
  • 4 quartz crystals
  • red brick dust
  • WALL OF FIRE Protection oil
    Place the white candles in the sign of the cross – top, bottom, left and right and anoint each one with WALL OF FIRE.Now anoint your four quartz crystals with the WALL OF FIRE oil and place in the empty spaces between the candles. Next, anoint the St. Michael medallion with the oil and place in the center of the candles. Rub the palm of your hand with the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL oil then pour a little red brick dust on top of it. Gently blow across the entire work surface, allowing the dust to settle on the candles, the medallion, and the crystals.Light the candles and say this prayer to St. Michael’Holy Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do you, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.’

When the candles have finished burning, you wear the medallion as an amulet of protection and place the four crystals at the four corners of your house which will act of Talismans of Protection.

Down the River Enemy Removal Bottle Spell

Bottle spells thrown into running water are usually to send a person away from you – to a different location. If you live near a river, even better.

  • What you will need:
  • small bottle – between 2 and 4 ounces
  • nails
  • lemon juice
  • picture of your target
  • red peppers

    If you do not have a picture of your target, write their name on a piece of paper seven times and write your petition over their name. If you do have a picture, write your petition over it stating exactly what you want to happen. Fold away from you as many times as possible and place in the bottle. Drop into the bottle the nails, peppers, and about 1/3 of the bottle of CAST OUT AND BANISH oil. Fill to the top with lemon juice, cap, and shake while restating your intention. Take to a place of running water, such as a river, and restate your intention again. Throw as hard as you can into the water and walk away without looking back.

Fire and Salt Protection Bottle spell


easy to put together but packs a powerful punch. Combines the elements of protection found in both witchcraft and Hoodoo.

  • What you will need:
  • small glass bottle with cork or lid
  • bay leaf
  • clove garlic
  • salt
  • sage
  • 2 red spell candles

    Choose a bottle that is small enough to hide under your front porch or bury near (if you have a porch that can’t be accessed underneath.) Pour about two capfuls of protection oil inside the bottle. Put inside: the bay leaf, sage, and clove of garlic. If the neck of the bottle is too small, feel free to chop up the garlic clove and stuff into the bottle. Top off with salt, filling to the top and cork tightly. Anoint the two red spell candles with the anointing oil and burn on either side of the bottle, while saying a prayer for protection. A simple biblical protection passage is found in Psalms 59:1 Deliver me from my enemies, O God; be my fortress against those who are attacking me. When the candles have completely burned away, place the bottle under your front porch or bury beside it.

Witchcraft in Nashville

(reprinted from a 2013 entry)
Some people call what I do witchcraft. It is something different. Hoodoo and folk magic are not witchcraft or Wicca. First of all, Wicca is a religion. In my practical folk magic practice I use a combination of: the gift of intuition, my extensive knowledge of herbs and oils (and how they are used magically), along with a strong sense of intention. My studio and store are located in Nashville, Tennessee, and I often see clients who are looking for ways to reduce stress and find a sense of inner peace. Other clients have other things in mind when they seek me out: to reunite them with a lost love, to find love (in general), to get a promotion or bring more money into their household, etc.

So, is witchcraft a bad thing? That depends on who you ask and if they are truly knowledgeable about what folk magic or witchcraft actually is. I think of it this way – a spell is an intensified prayer that uses a lot of props and ceremony as well as intention. So, if spell work and witchcraft is just about focusing your intention, then wouldn’t something as simple as a vision board be a spell?  Maybe, but not exactly. Depending on the result you are looking to achieve, going to someone who has studied and practiced the elements of magic can be much more effective. It is similar to seeking out a trained doctor’s advice versus going to Google with your symptoms and guessing which over-the-counter medication to buy. Also, those who perform witchcraft or identify themselves as Wiccans are usually bound by the pesky three-fold-law, a philosophy that says what you put out will come back to you times three. Hoodoo practitioners do not believe this.

I have a friend who often asks, “It is white magic, right?” Magic is neither white nor black, good nor bad. The intention of people is what is good or bad. And I repeat, the INTENTION of people – not people – can be good or bad. We all have light and dark elements about us, good thoughts and bad thoughts, good deeds and acts of misbehaving. No one is all good or all bad. Throughout the ages, many people who have been called witches were actually herbal healers. Then why is why website called white mojo? Easy,White is a family name. It has nothing to do with “white witches” or anything like that.

The oils and powders I create are meant to bring about positive change in people’s lives – ways to help them achieve their goals or to remove negative elements or negative people from their everyday existence. When I set lights for clients (also known as a candle altar service), more people have positive requests than negative ones such as healing, love, money. What I do is more known as conjure than witchcraft.

Our Nashville store offers a full line of witchcraft supplies, books, and tools as well as classes.

223 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37214
PHONE: 615-360-8089

Spell Candles in Nashville – Chime Candles for spellwork, wicca, witchcraft

Spell candles, also known as chime candles, are getting harder and harder to find here in Nashville, TN. Gone are the days when we would all traipse down to Magical Journey and pick up handfuls of little candles for our spellwork. Some refer to these as spirit candles.

The type of spell candles we sell in our Nashville shop are the ones most practitioners of magick are accustomed to – they are 4″ long and burn around 2.5 hours leaving behind no visible wax. Our spell candles are 40 cents each and we stock the following colors: black, green, blue, light blue, purple, lavender, pink, red, orange, gray, white, yellow, and brown. We also carry the candle holders in glass, metal, decorated in symbols, and a full line of candles in all other sizes at aromaG’s Botanica – 223 Donelson Pike, Nashville, TN 37214.

We also carry larger, 6 inch taper candles in: black, blue, brown, green, pink, purple, red, orange, and yellow. For reversal spells, we carry 9 inch reversing candles in two styles – red and black, and green and black.

In candle magic, color plays a large part. Below is a simple chart explaining the basics of the spell candle colors we carry along with their day of the week association below that.

Black Absorbing Negativity
Green Wealth, fertility, prosperity
Blue Success, Healing
Purple Protection – Success in legal matters
Lavender Meditation
Pink True Love, friendship
Red Sexual potency, passion, love
Orange Control, legal matters, attraction
Gray Uncrossing, neutralize
White Purity, truth, sincerity
Yellow Creativity, confidence
Brown Protection against Psychic Attack & Earth Magic

Sunday – Yellow
Monday – White
Tuesday – Red
Wednesday – Purple
Thursday – Blue
Friday – Green
Saturday – Black

Charging for Readings and Energy Work

People have been debating about this topic for years – whether or not to charge for services such as reiki, healing touch therapy, psychic readings, etc. Forget debate, some people downright argue about it – passionately and loudly.

A Sense of Balance

Those who feel you should not charge usually say, “I would never charge someone for a sacred gift that was given to me. It is my duty to give it away!” This may be true for some people and I often wonder if they have some cosmic debt to repay. Other times, those who do not charge EVENTUALLY charge once they build up enough confidence in their services. In the beginning, some practitioners feel unworthy of receiving a fee.

I am of the other variety – the group that does charge for sessions. And I will tell you why I find it to be necessary.

Energetically, there is something going on with a take-only relationship. The receiver is beholden to the giver, cosmically speaking. While we don’t only do things with an expectation of something in return, neither should we expect to constantly give all of the time or receive all of the time without ever returning the favor. There must be some sort of energetic balance. In the long run, A healing session has more power behind it when the person receiving it doesn’t feel like they had been done a “favor”, something they must one day repay. Payment, whether it be in the form of currency or agreed upon bartering means that no favor ever has to be returned. Everyone is even.

Value and Intention

Everything in life has some sort of value attached to it and, many times, a level of sacrifice. Especially in America, people tend to feel a service has more value when it actually costs them something. But it goes beyond that. The power of intention is beneath the surface. When a client receives a service for free, they usually do not place as much value on it. Since they weren’t required to give up anything to receive it (sacrifice of currency) the worth is perceived to be low, which lowers the client’s belief in the process. That belief, that intention for healing to begin to take place can play just as important of a role as the energy work that is being performed by the practitioner.

Time Management

Here, let’s talk about the reality of the situation for a moment. If I did not charge for sessions and readings, I wouldn’t have the time to book and perform them — I’d be trapped in some 9 to 5 job somewhere and when you call for an appointment I would have to say, “sorry, I’m at work all week. I don’t have time to see you.”

What You Wish for Your Practitioner

Because whether you are a psychic reader, a reiki healer, a construction worker or a school teacher – we all have the same things we have to buy: food, clothing, electricity, insurance, shampoo. And sometimes the little things that keep us sane like: seeds for plants, a new pillow for the couch or even the lastest novel by your favorite author. Do the people that come to see me wish me to live in poverty? I don’t think that is the case. I also don’t believe my clients want me to eat one meal a day (or less) because it made me feel “noble” to perform free sessions. I don’t wish that on any of my friends or clients – I sure hope they don’t envision such a life for me.

In other words, I don’t believe any of my clients desire me to be hungry or in debt. I am most definitely sure clients would not appreciate a lack of heat or air in the studio because we couldn’t afford to pay the electric bill.

We pay the flowers in water, they give back beauty and fragrance. Give and take.

Everything has SOME sort of give and take arrangement. This keeps the energy evenly balanced. Neither party is beholden to the other at the end of a session or reading. The client received a relaxing session and I was able to not only help someone but was able to later go and buy vegetables, toothpaste, and gasoline that week. It is really that simple.

Papa Gee

Working Against Yourself and Magic

You can’t plant a pot of flowers and then complain they died because you never watered them. And so it is the same when seeking out magical work. It is more than lighting a candle and walking away from it. You have to put in the intention, the desire, and the work behind what you are wanting to accomplish.

If you come to me for a spell to help you find work, yet, you aren’t putting in applications anywhere – you are working against yourself
You want a spell to make you a famous actor, yet, you’ve never auditioned for a single part-
you are working against yourself
You’ve opened your own little store and you are wondering why it is failing, yet, you only have it open 4 days a week –
you are working against yourself
You say you are lonely and never meet anyone new. Yet, you refuse to leave your house and interact with the world. – you are working against yourself

Magic isn’t a miracle cure. If your rootworker is doing everything they can to bring about change in your situation while you do nothing to take action on your end of the deal, then failure is more than likely ahead. This article isn’t meant to shame the client in any way. It is a call to action for the client to get proactive in their own future. Your car is stalled and won’t start. You’ve got your spiritual worker in the back pushing while you are in the front pushing the opposite direction. How far do you think the car is going to go? So, step aside and let your spiritual worker push a bit. Ah, the car is moving. Now, join them at the back and push with him. See? The car is rolling; actual movement and change are happening!

So, yes – if you want to hire a rootworker or spell caster to give you that little edge over the competition, go for it. Just be prepared to bring yourself as well.

-Papa Gee


This is taken from the booklet GIPSY FORTUNE TELLER which is now in the public domain. The author is listed as W. Parker, a professor of astrology and was transcribed from the [1860?] T. Goode edition. So, you will may see phrasing, customs, and ideas that may or may not fit into contemporary metaphysical ideas. It is presented here as a method of preserving old knowledge.

1st.—A child born on this day, will not live to any great age, is likely to have many excellent friends, and will do well in business, have much money and property, of a very hasty temper, liable to fevers, falls, hurts, bruises, harm by horses, &c. The most successful years for gain and good fortune, are their 19th, 24th, 27th, 35th, 38th, and 42nd; will marry at 19, or 22 years of age. This day is good to send messages, write letters, apply to surgeons, take medicine, travel, or open shops, favourable to sell, but not to buy, aged people may favour you on this day.

2nd.—A child born on this day, will be fortunate, and gain much by their own perseverance, they will have few enemies, and may gain by deaths; of good temper, and obliging disposition, and will enjoy tolerable good health throughout life. The most successful years, for gain and good fortune, rises in life, &c. are the 17th, 21st, 25th, 29th, 34th, 41st, 53rd, and 62nd. Will Marry in the 20th, or 23rd, year of age, and gain many friends by marriage. This day is good to buy, or sell, to let houses and land, favourable for gardening, to purchase new clothes, apply to females, collect debts, &c.

3rd.—If born on this day, will be very liable to hardships up to the 21st birthday, after that period, will have more success, and better friends, may be rather public, and remove or travel in their business, or calling; moderate good health, liable to have imprisonment. The most successful time for gain, and prosperity, commences after 38 years of age, will marry in the 21st or 25th year of age. This day is good to take medicine, and to deal with Ironmongers, Jewellers, Booksellers, and those who sell ladies wearing apparel, good to marry, and send letters to either sex, commence law suits, &c.

4th.—If born on this day, will possess an uncommon share of wisdom, and learning, may travel to distant countries, and gain thereby, have the management of other peoples affairs, of an agreeable temper, and disposition, moderate good health, subject to losses of money, in contentions, Law suits, &c. The most fortunate years for gain and prosperity, are the 23rd, 28th, 33rd, 42nd, 49th, 55th and 59th, will marry in the 19th or 22nd year of age. This day is good to go journeys, visit friends, and apply to haberdashers, have parties, and favourable to take medicine, or visit physicians.

5th.—If born on this day, will meet with many crosses and disappointments in early life, until the 23rd year is gone by, may have many favors from strangers, and will have money in the funds, and p. 4freehold property left them, tolerable good health, of a wavering temper. The fortunate part of life begins after 34 years of age, will marry either in the 20th or 22nd year. This day is good to buy or sell, deal with females, begin any new work, apply to elderly people, good for gardening and to visit any exhibitions.

6th.—If born on this day, will have many excellent and superior friends, rather high in life, and the person will be in a very extensive line of trade, and is likely to have many unexpected benefits through females, of an even temper, and will enjoy good health generally. The most successful years for gain, rises in life &c., are the 21st, 24th, 29th, 33rd, 38th, 45th, will be exceedingly lucky in marriage, which will take place, either in the 21st or 22nd year of their age. This day is good to apply to the great, to ask favors, also to deal with any fancy business, or articles worn by females, or children, it is good to open or let shops, and to begin any thing which they would have to last long, make wills, &c.

7th.—If born on this day, is liable to many crosses, and perplexity through relatives and near persons, in your various affairs, until 26 years are past, will be their own enemy at times, may have sudden helps and assistance from strangers, very seldom keep much money, or have property, very strange in temper, rather impatient, moderate good health. The most favourable years for money, rises, &c., are the 22nd, 26th, 31st, 39th, 43rd, 50th, and 57th, will marry in the 21st or 24th year of age, and get money by marriage. This day is good for any one to buy or sell, take medicine, go to surgeons, deal with booksellers, lawyers, ask favors of aged people, visit relatives, collect debts, &c.

8th.—If born on this day, will in general enjoy a tolerable good share of happiness, have money or property from some death, aged people will favour you at times, far beyond expectation, will prosper in most affairs, and of pretty good temper, may enjoy good health, and will overcome enemies generally. The most successful years of gain and prosperity, are their 20th, 27th, 34th, 39th, 44th, 49th, 55th, 61st, and 64th, will marry near 19 or in the 22nd year of age. This day is good to begin any new undertaking, send letters to either sex, marry, apply to jewellers, or purchase new clothes, sell on this day land or houses, attend markets, and visit exhibitions, and old people.

9th.—If born on this day, the signs imply many benefits, by the favours and friendships of the wealthy, will live often in great esteem and much respected in society, will do exceedingly well in business, and managing other affairs, of an easy temper, and will have good health. The most prosperous years of gain and rises in life, are the 24th, 29th, 36th, 42nd, 53rd, and 56th, will marry in the 20th or 23rd year of age, and gain many friends by marriage. This day is good for any kind of business, buy or sell, take medicine, purchase houses or land, attend to gardens, visit relatives, have parties, &c.

10th.—If born on this day, the signs foreshow many crosses and oppositions in their affairs, until the age of 24 years is gone by, much success in liquids and drinks, and may have to do with a brewhouse, tavern, and such like, will travel across the sea, and see many different places, of a wavering temper and disposition, uncertain health. The best time, for money, rises in life, &c., are in the 21st, 24th, 31st, 37th, 44th, 47th, 53rd, 61st, and 64th years; will marry in the 24th or 27th year. This day is good to go journies, marry, send letters to either sex, ask p. 5favors, apply to those in years, deal with haberdashers, and buy wearing apparel, or any things worn by children, begin new works, buy old books, &c.

11th.—If born on this day, will be in a very extensive line of trade or hold a high situation in life, many friends, much money or property towards the middle age, success at times in many things beyond expectations, amiable temper, generous even to their enemies, will enjoy good health, mostly marry near 21 or at 23 years of age. The most prosperous years for gain, rises, money &c. are in the 33rd, 37th, 41st, 49th, 53rd, 57th, 64th, 66th. This day is good for any one to open shops, to apply to clergymen, bankers, jewellers, ironmongers, cabinet makers, merchants, also buy or sell, attend to gardens, land, build or begin any thing that you wish to endure a long time.

12th.—If born on this day, will have to encounter many difficulties, at the commencement of life, after 26 years will begin to improve, have more money, friends, sudden helps and assistance, liable to male enemies very often, somewhat hasty in temper, may waste money many times in speculations, business, seldom save to any amount, favoured at times by elderly people, good health generally. The most fortunate years for money, rises in life, &c., are in the 20th, 27th, 34th, 39th, 42nd, 47th, 53rd, 59th, 64th, and 66th. Will marry near 21 or in the 23rd, year of age, fortunate in marriage:—This day is not very favourable to buy, sell or let houses, furniture may be purchased, write letters, marry, go journies, visit relatives.

13th.—If born on this day, is fated to rise above the ordinary station of their birth have money and property, by their own industry, well spoken of by most persons, do much good in their lifetime for other people, will have but few enemies, good temper and disposition, long lived, healthy.—The years for gain, money, rises, property &c., are in the 20th, 23rd, 26th, 32nd, 38th, 44th, 49th, 53rd, 62nd, 66th, and 68th:—Will be very fortunate in marriage, which will take place either at 19, or in the 22nd, year of age.—This day is rather evil to buy, take medicine, go to Physicians, visit friends, persevere in most things belonging to the field or garden, attend markets &c.

14th.—If born on this day, will thrive, live comfortably and happily, gain by deaths, and have many superior friends, will be much respected by great people, and have many benefits by strangers, subject to accidents, bruises, falls, blows &c., tolerable good health.—The best years for any great success, rises, or prosperity are in the 19th, 23rd, 27th, 33rd, 39th, 42nd, 51st, 57th & 59th. Will marry in the 19th or 24th year of age. This day is good for all things, to buy or sell, to travel, to purchase houses or land, marry, send letters to either sex, collect debts, &c.

15th.—If born on this day, will waste much money in law suits, contenteons, Quarrels, but will very often, beat their adversaries, will hold a public situation, business, or calling, and will have a very active life, hasty in temper, and forgiving to their enemies, seldom possess money to any amount, moderate good health. The best years for gain and prosperity, are the 25th, 28th, 34th, 39th, 44th, and 52nd.—Will marry in the 23rd, or 27th year.—This day is good for any one to open shops, buy or sell, attend markets, deal with old people, attend to the garden, or land, marry, send letters, purchase new cloths, visit lawyers, booksellers, and those connected with offices, or who hold government situations.

16th.—If born on this day, will enjoy much happiness, have a good estate, and many friends, of a very ingenious turn of mind, fond of music, p. 6Poetry, Painting, will live in great esteem, and be much liked by strangers, may have the care of other persons affairs, will in general enjoy good health.—The most fortunate years for money, property, and such like, are in the 23rd, 27th, 33rd, 41st, and 48th.—Will marry about the 22nd or in the 25th year of age, and gain thereby.—This day will be favourable to begin any new work, take medicine, or go to surgeons, visit relatives, marry, write letters, ask favours, deal with haberdashers, merchants, and Foreigners.

17th.—If born on this day, will meet with many interruptions in their various affairs, in the early part of life, until 22 years is gone by, have property or money from some death, liable to be imprisoned through pretended friends, changeable in temper, indifferent health. The most successful part of life, is from 31 to 43 years of age, will marry near 20 or in the 23rd year of age.—This day is not good to boy, attend to cattle, the garden and land, avoid signing, or being security, very evil to buy houses or land, unfavourable to ask favours, or to do most things.

18th.—If born on this day, will be in the beginning of life have much assistance from relatives and is likely to become worth much money, many female friends, and unexpected benefits from strangers, fond of doing good to others, of an even temper, and tolerable good health.—The successful years for rises, money, property &c. are in the 23rd, 27th, 33rd, 39th, 45th, and 54th.—Will marry either near 21, or in the 23rd year of age.—This day is good to buy or attend the markets, take medicine, or go to physicians, ask favours, deal with haberdashers, or purchase any fancy articles worn by females, collect debts, marry, write, or send letters, consult lawyers, begin any new business or work, speculate.

19th.—If born on this day is fated to rise above their station of birth, to have great success, and will have many friends, may be very fortunate in business, and among the fair sex, very active and persevering, of good temper, and long lived. The greatest years for gain and rises of money, are the 24th, 29th, 35th, 41st, 49th, 54th, and 61st.—Will marry at 22, or in the 24th year of age.—This day is fortunate for most things, visit old people, go journies, have parties, marry, deal with merchants, buy or sell, ask favours, apply to clergymen, and commence anything that you would have cast in your favor, make wills or write.

20th.—If born on this day is likely to much chance in early life, after 23rd year is gone by, you will begin to do far better, have money, friends, sudden helps and assistance, at times their own enemy, seldom possess much money, persevering and of hasty temper.—The successful years for most money, rises, &c., are the 25th, 29th, 34th, 38th, 43rd, 49th, 53rd, and 57th.—Will marry either at 20 or in the 22nd year of age.—This day is good to take medicine or go to surgeons, buy or sell, attend markets, go journies, ask favours, marry, purchase houses, shops, or land, apply to clergymen, merchants, lawyers, &c.

21st.—If born on this day will rise above the ordinary station of their birth, and is fated to have houses or land, will be fortunate in business, speculations, will gain the favour old people, and have some money or property left, of hasty temper, and long lived.—The most successful years for money, rises in life, &c., are the 22nd, 25th, 29th, 34th, 39th, 46th, 53rd, 58th, 63rd.—Will marry in the 22nd, or 24th year.—This day is good to buy or sell, take medicine, open shops, marry, write, or send letters, purchase any articles of clothes worn by young people, make wills, sign agreements, go to lawyers, &c.

p. 722nd.—If born on this day will have to encounter many difficulties till 22 years is past by, after then will have more success and friends, will gain by the dead, and be fortunate in trade, also in managing other persons affairs, of even temper, and tolerable good health.—The most fortunate years for money and rises in business, &c., are the 23rd, 26th, 31st; 39th, 41st, 47th, and 53rd.—Will marry near 21, or in the 23rd year of age.—This day is good to take physic, or go to physicians, purchase houses, shops, or land, marry, write or send letters, visit relatives, go journies, begin any new work, attend markets, attend parties, ask favors, collect money, debts, &c.

23rd.—If born on this day, is liable to lose much money in law, often changing their situation or business, seldom do much good till after 25 years of age—will have many friends of both sex, of uneven temper and good health.—The greatest years for gain and prosperity are the 26th, 32nd, 38th, 41st, 46th, 51st, and 54th. Will gain by marriage, which is likely to occur either at 22, or in the 24th year. This day is good either to buy or sell, and to purchase furniture, also to build or repair houses, go to old people or relatives, marry, court, ask favours, visit thy superiors, write agreements, borrow and collect money, attend to the garden.

24th.—If born on this day will be much respected, and gain by their own industry and perseverance, have many excellent and superior friends, will do much good to other people in their lifetime, ingenious and cleaver, just, and of fixed temper and indisposition, good health generally.—The years for most money, rises, and property are the 20th, 24th, 30th, 37th, 42nd, 49th, and 53rd.—Will marry in the 22nd, or near the 24th year of age.—This day is not good to buy, take medicine and visit surgeons, deal with haberdashers, milliners, and any kind of fancy trades, childrens’ dresses, open shops, commence any new business, enter situations, or advertise places, &c.

25th.—If born on this day will in general have much to do with the public, and have success in their calling or business, liable to many enemies, will change and see many different places, hasty temper and uncertain health.—The most fortunate years for gain of money, rises, &c., are the 23rd, 28th, 32nd, 37th, 41st, 42nd, and 54th.—Will marry in the 20th, or 23rd year of age, and gain friends by marriage. This day is good to attend the garden, marry, court, write letters, ask favor of either sex, visit distant friends or aged people—take medicine, go to lawyers or men in power, purchase at the markets, make agreements, leases, begin any new work, collect debts, buy clothes, &c.

26th.—If born on this day will live in great esteem, and be loved by most people, have houses or money, and have the care of other peoples affairs, will have many friends, and rise by means of their superiors, courteous, obliging, mild temper, and good health.—The years for money, rises, increase of success, are the 20th, 22nd, 28th, 34th, 39th, 45th, 49th, 51st, 54th, and 59th.—Will marry in the 21st, or 24th, year of age. This day is good to attend to the garden—or purchase land or houses, ask favors, visit army or navy men, but not good to buy anything, make wills or sign papers, apply to persons who hold situations under government, commence law suits, go to surgeons—send letters.

27th.—If born on this day will change their residence, situation, and remove about often, seldom have much money, have few friends, will cross the seas, go to foreign countries, hasty in temper, and good health. p. 8The most fortunate years for money and favourable changes are the 26th, 31st, 37th, 41st, and 44th.—Will marry either in the 20th, or the 26th year of age.—This day is not altogether favourable—attend to the garden or land, but begin nothing of great importance, buy not, this day is evil in most things.

28th.—If born on this day will meet with many interruptions in their various affairs, till the 23rd birthday is gone past, more success then, and commence in business, or enter a situation, more money, friends, and unexpected benefits from relatives and strangers, will gain by elderly people, changeable in temper, and moderate good health.—The most prosperous years for money, and rises of a beneficial character, are the 24th, 27th, 32nd, 43rd, 49th, and 54th.—Will marry in the 21st, or 23rd year of age, and have an increase of friends and assistance.—This day is good to buy or sell things, and to ask favors, marry, court, send and write letters, go to physicians, take physic, journey, visit relatives, and commence what thou would have end in thy favor.

29th.—If born on this day will have many friends, and much success in their calling, business, or sphere in life—have the management of other peoples affairs, gain by the dead, and at times from strangers, of even temper, and good health generally.—The most fortunate years for an increase of money, rises in life, are the 21st, 25th, 29th, 34th, 39th, 41st, 47th, and 53rd.—Will marry either in the 21st, or 22nd year of age.—This day is bad to buy, or to begin any new work, take medicine, and visit old people, be careful in any affairs on this day, it is evil in most things.

How to Use Dice for Lucky Numbers and Fortune Telling

One of the oldest traditions in hoodoo is the practice of using lucky numbers. Most people used them for gambling and lottery and numerology books were some of the most popular of the early booklets found among hoodoo supplies in magazines.

Find Your Lucky Numbers

This plan of ascertaining lucky numbers has always been exceedingly popular with those persons who try their fortune at the lottery. The manner of calculating a lucky number is as follows: Take two dice, and after shaking them well in a box, throw them out, being careful to note the whole number of spots on the uppermost sides of the dice, then repeat this operation and again mark down the number of spots as before. Having done this, you then consult the annexed table and find the number of your first throw, then follow the line down until you arrive at the number corresponding with your second throw on the opposite side of the table. For example, we will suppose you throw the first time, and the number of spots is equal to 4. You must then look at the top of the line and find the Roman numeral IV. You throw the second time and get 7 spots; this you will find on the outside column, at the left hand, marked VII. Then all you have to do is to place your finger on the IV. at the top of the table and follow the line down until you arrive at VII.94 on the opposite side of the table, thus you will find the number 43, which is the lucky number. Should you come to a cypher (0) you must throw again. By following these simple directions you can get as many good numbers as you wish to play.

How to win a lottery:

While going to buy the lottery ticket, place a small magnet in your purse or bag. After you have purchased the ticket, place it next to the magnet inside the purse or bag. When you get home, rub the ticket to the magnet for 5 times and put it back together inside the bag or purse. One hour before the lottery draw is made, remove the magnet and luck would begin to flow quickly. – excerpt from the Hoodoo Witch

Fortune Telling with Dice

This is a certain and innocent way of finding out common occurrences about to take place. Take three dice, shake them well in the box with your left hand, and then cast them out on a board or table, on which you have previously drawn a circle with chalk.

Three.—A pleasing surprise.

Four.—A disagreeable one.

Five.—A stranger who will prove a friend.

Six.—Loss of property.

Seven.—Undeserved scandal.

Eight.—Merited reproach.

Nine.—A wedding.

Ten.—A christening.

Eleven.—A death that concerns you.

Twelve.—A letter speedily.

Thirteen.—Tears and sighs.

Fourteen.—Beware that you are not drawn into some trouble or plot by a secret enemy.

Fifteen.—Immediate prosperity and happiness.

Sixteen.—A pleasant journey.

Seventeen.—You will either be on the water or have dealings with those belonging to it, to your advantage.

Eighteen.—A great profit, rise in life, or some most desirable good will happen almost immediately; for the answers to the dice are always fulfilled within nine days. To show the same number twice at one trial, portends news from abroad, be the number what it may. If the dice roll over the circle, the number thrown goes for nothing, but the occurrence shows sharp words; and if they fall to the floor, it is blows. In throwing out the dice, if one remains on top of the other, it is a present of which I would have them take care.

Fontaine, Felix. The Golden Wheel Dream-book and Fortune-teller. Dick & Fitzgerald, 1862

Noe, A.H. The Witches Dreambook and Fortune Teller. Henry J Wehman, 1885

Nashville Witchcraft and Wicca Supply Store

Our nashville store has been in business since 1999, supplying both witches and curiosity seekers everything they need in their magickal practice. Whether you choose from our selection from over 300 herbs to mix your potions and sew your sachets or browse through our candles in every style, shape, and color — we have something for the witch that resides in everyone.

We have a large book selection catering to beginners in Wicca to the seasoned practitioner. Books on Celtic magic, Druids, Asatru, Norse magic, Goddess worship, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria, the Orishas, Witchcraft studies, Cabala (Kabbalah), and Egyptian magick. Well known authors such as Scott Cunningham, Silver Ravenwolf, Christopher Penzcak, are staples in witchcraft along with titles by Buckland, Aleister Crowley, and Judika Illes. Candle magic, poppet crafting, herb lore and magick, spell casting, the Sabbats, and so many more titles.

For your ritual practice, we carry tools of every variety:
Books of Shadows
Silver chalices
Goddess statues
Egyptian statues
Orisha statues
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Pagan Gods, etc….
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Altar tables and chests
wall hangings
crystal balls
over 100 types of incense including our in house blends
anointing oils
candles of every style, shape, and color
Spell kits
over 330 types of Tarot cards
Jewelry and amulets – Wiccan and Celtic
Magical soaps and spiritual washes
And so many other tools you will need for your journey into the art of Witchcraft.

We offer classes on wide variety of topics including witchcraft, spell casting, american folk magic, hoodoo, reiki, and so much more.

aromaG’s Botanica
223 Donelson Pike
Nashville, Tn 37214
Mon: 10:00 to 7:00
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Moving Candle Spell – Love Triangle

Moving Candle Spell – Love Triangle

This moving candle spell uses three figural candles, one each to represent the three parties involved in a love triangle. Each candle should be carved with the name of the person it represents along with any other information that focuses on that person (birthdate, personal information, sign of the zodiac, and more.) This is most often used to break up two people and have one of those people return to another person. The candle representing the two people currently in a relationship are placed towards one side of a rectangular space (you can cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil to protect it) and the candles are anointed with RETURN TO ME oil on the person you want to return to you and a combination of BREAKUP and HOT FOOT oils on the person you want to leave. The candle representing you is anointed with COME TO ME oil. In the picture you will notice that the man and woman currently together are placed back to back, while the man is facing the other woman who he should return to (usually, YOU if you are the one doing the work.) One the loving side of the surface is a “finish line” of rose petals that welcome the couple to be reunited while the woman being locked out is moved over a line of vandal root (aka valerian). You will notice in the picture that the couple to be reunited have live plants on their side and dried and dead twigs are on the side of the woman being banished. This part is a personal preference – adding this live and dried plants is simply a little addition WE chose to add. After lit, the candles are slowly moved in a way to separate the couple, moving the man closer and closer to the one he should be reunited with until they finally reach each other face-to-face. This can be performed in any configuration depending on your situation: 3 men, 3 women, 2 men and a woman, two women and a man, etc.

1 bottle “Return to Me” oil
1 bottle “Break Up” oil
1 bottle “Hot Foot” oil
1 bottle “Come to Me” oil
3 figure candles representing the three people in your spell
rose petals
vandal root
– rectangular heat proof surface

From there they are allowed to burn until completed, forming pools of wax. You can use the wax for divination to see how you spell performed. Did any specific candle burn longer and faster than another? Do the wax pools “reach out” for a specific person or did the pools “hug” each other or melt together? The possibilities are endless. Be still, use your intuition, and listen.

Wall of Fire Protection candle magic spell

Wall of Fire Protection candle magic spell

Wall of Fire Protection candle spell is meant to shield you (or someone else you are trying to protect) from outside influences that mean you harm. The center candle in white represents the person being protected. We usually use a white cross candle to signify the person but you can use a male or female figural candle if you prefer. It is then surrounded by 2 red candles, 2 orange candles, and 2 yellow candles — all the colors of fire. These candles make a circle around you and are anointed with our Wall of Fire protection oil. The center white candle is carved with your name and anointed with St. Christopher oil and possibly other oils that deal with your specific situation. The work is then surrounded by stones that are meant to protect and absorb negativity. Most of the time we use angelica root around the candles as well but may choose others depending on the condition.

The act of performing this work is what is needed and no divination in the wax is performed. However,  gather up the leftover wax and place it into a white cloth. Keep it for at least three days on your altar, or beside your bed. After three days, bury in the front yard near the entrance.  You can also bury in a pot near the door if you live in an apartment and have no yard.

1 white cross candle
2 red spell candles
2 yellow spell candles
2 orange spell candles
6 black obsidian stones (optional)
angelica root
1 bottle “Wall of Fire” oil
1 bottle “St. Christopher” oil

Passion and Lust spell of sex and attraction

Passion and Lust spell of sex and attraction

Lust and Passion spells are meant to ignite or awaken sexual desire. Some people use this to bring spark back into an old relationship, while others want to increase someone’s sexual desire towards them. Pictured is the female member candle spell but it can be performed with either a male of female candle.  First, the name of your target is carved into the candle along with any other personal information might connect them: sign of the zodiac, birth date, favorite color, current city, place of birth, etc. The candle is anointed and rubbed with our Passion and Lust oil in a way that simulates the “awakening of sexual activity” until the candle heats up with friction. Burning beside the candle is the “Attract” powdered incense. Sprinkle damiana and catnip around the base of the candle. You could also powdered the herbs and roll the candle it them after anointing with oil.
The altar here is also covered with stones, crystals, statuary, and other items dealing with sexuality and lust.  We almost always use the herb Damiana in this work because of its ability to increase the libido and sexual appetite. Depending on your situation, you might choose to use a variety of other herbs, roots, flowers, or minerals.
From there it is allowed to burn until the candle burns out. The way the wax melts and the shapes it creates will help you perform divination in the wax, using its images for hints as to the outcome.

How to use Oregano essential oil

How to use Oregano essential oil

Oregano essential oil. Your mind might go directly to Italian food when you think of oregano. But the herb and the concentrated essential oil have a wide variety of uses and benefits. Around here, whenever we feel a cold coming on, we place one drop of our oregano oil into a cup of our Cold n Flu tea and that seems to really help with the oncoming illness.

Botanically known as Origanum vulgare, oregano is a flowering plant from the same family as mint. While you certainly won’t have enough to make your own essential oil (unless you are going to plant acres and acres of it,) oregano is also really easy to grow. We keep it in the little herb garden in the front of our little cottage temple.

You can BUY Oregano essential oil by CLICKING HERE

Some use it in carrier oils and lotion as a anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Others find it useful for the presence of staph on the skin and use it in soaps, body washes, and hand soap. We even tried a drop of it in coconut oil when trying oil pulling, a method where you place a teaspoon of coconut oil in the mouth and swish continuously to cleanse the teeth. It seemed to work pretty well, although oregano oil can be fairly strong and left a strong tingling on the lips.

Origanum Vulgare
Europe, Egypt, Spain
Stimulating, Strengthening
Antibacterial, Influenza, Antiviral
Purification, Cleansing

In aromatherapy, people choose oregano oil to breathe in for colds and respiratory relief.

The magical correspondences of oregano are: associated with the planet Mercury and the sign of Taurus; corresponds with the Hearth chakra; and is used to spell work to keep away troublesome people, for protection, and for psychic dreams and good health. Also for spiritual purification and cleansing.


Money Drawing spell – free spell

Money Drawing spell – free spell

MONEY DRAWING spell work is something that we perform every day. Our store has a money altar near the front door where a green money candle is lit during all hours we are open and sits beside our money honey jar. Another money drawing altar is right inside the door of our little cottage church where this money drawing candle spell was created.

Here we used items that are associated with money magic: real cash, coins, i-ching coins, pyrite, lodestone, cinnamon sticks, green rice, alfalfa and other ingredients depending on your particular situation. The saint I turn to for money matters is St. Homobonus, who is the patron Saint of business people. The 9 inch green pillar is in the center but a 6 inch one would be just as effective and should be carved with your name, money symbols, and any parts of your petition that link to root of the matter about your finances and anointed with money drawing and money lasts oil. Behind this pillar candle, I also anoint a green 7-day candle to keep the energy of the spell working for a solid week. – Gee

green 6 inch candle
1 bottle “Money Drawing” oil
1 bottle “Money Lasts” oil
pyrite gravel
green glass encased vigil candle

Setting this up is a matter of preference. You can see from the picture that we’ve go all out with statuary, money, coins, etc. Use your instincts as to how much or how little to do. You cannot set up a money altar incorrectly. It’s your intention that matters the most.

Return to Me love spell – bring back a lost love

This Return to Me spell focuses on bringing someone back into your life who has left. People often ask how return to me work is different than reconciliation. To me, return to me love work is about getting someone who has physically left your home/space to return to it so things can be repaired or worked out. While Reconcile work can certainly has the same “vibe” to it, hoodoo spells of reconciliation might focus on the relationship itself. For example, perhaps two people have drifted apart BUT they still live in the same house. The way I designed this working is to focus on both — the reconciliation of two people who have parted both emotionally AND physically. – Gee

The center figural candle will reflect the sex of the person you are targeting. In this picture, you will notice a male figure candle. To the left and the back of him are blue spell candles, dressed and set to healing (blue is for healing) things from the past. The candle to the right in pink and red are focusing on the future with red to reignite the flames of passion and pink to reactivate or rediscover true love. You will notice that the smaller candles are set very close to the figural candles. They are placed that way for a reason — to “light a fire under his ass.” The heat from these close burning spell candles will also work on melting the figure candle to impart their intentions on the target.

Anoint the figural candle and the pink and red with the “Return to Me” oil, rubbing upwards. Anoint the blue candles with “Healing Energy” oil, also rubbing upwards. Roll the figure candle in lavender buds. Pray over and / or write a petition to bring your love back to you and heal the pain of the past and place under the dish you have set your candles on. Light the candles.

1 figural candle
1 bottle “Return to Me” oil
1 bottle “Healing Energy” oil
4 spell or ‘chime’ candles – 2 blue; 1 pink; 1 red
Lavender buds

Celebrating Yule


Today Yule is used to a lesser extent in the English-speaking world as a primary synonym for Christmas. Present-day Christmas customs and also practices such as the Yule log, Yule goat, Yule boar, Yule singing, and others come from pagan Yule. Today the event is commemorated in Heathenry as well as a few other types of Modern Paganism.

The Pagan holiday known as Yule takes place on the day of the winter solstice, around December 21 when the planet’s axis turns away from the sun in the Northern Hemisphere.

Many cultures all over the world have winter events that are, in reality, parties of light. Along with Christmas, there’s Hanukkah with its brightly lit menorahs, Kwanzaa candles, and so on. As a festival of the Sunlight, one of the most vital parts of any Yule event is light with candles and bonfires.

In the Northern hemisphere, the wintertime solstice has been commemorated for centuries. The Norse peoples that called it Jul saw it as a time for much feasting and merriment. Icelandic legends consider it a time of sacrifice. Other, traditional customs such as the Yule log, the decorated tree, and wassailing have Norse origins.

In the British Isles, the Celts also celebrated midwinter. Although little is understood today about the specifics of what they did, many customs continue. According to the writings of Pliny the Senior, this is the time of year in which Druid clergymen sacrificed a white bull and gathered mistletoe for their yearly celebration

Winter festivals were also typical in Greece and Rome, along with the British Isles. When a new religious movement called Christianity turned up, the new pecking order had problem transforming the Pagans, who didn’t want to give up their holidays. Many Christian traditions were built on old Pagan rituals and worship, causing many Pagan symbols to be integrated right into the meaning of Christianity. Within a couple of centuries, the Christians had every person venerating a new holiday celebrated on December 25th.

In some traditions of Wicca as well as Paganism, the Yule event begins with a Celtic legend where the Oak King and the Holly King go to battle. The Oak King, (the light of the new year), fights each year to take over the Holly King, (the symbol of darkness.) Re-enactment of the battle is performed in some Wiccan rituals.

So, this year will you agree to battle the old Holly King? What elements of light do you plan to shine on your life and goals? After all, it is a time of celebration and renewal. As the sun comes around again, it is the perfect season to welcome new beginnings, new attitudes, and embrace loving energies that will help you build a brighter future.

May your light overcome all your darkness. Happy Yule!

Crystal Balls in our Nashville Store

crystal ball nashvilleCrystal balls have been used for scrying and divination for thousands of years. The art or process of “seeing” is known as “scrying.” Scrying is the art of looking into a reflective surface, such as glass, water, a mirror, or a crystal, to gain mystical insight. The information gleaned then is used to make decisions in one’s life.

Many of the crystal balls we carry here at aromaG’s are crystal, reconstituted quartz, selenite, and obsidian. You’ll find both large and small crystal balls in our Nashville store and we can order extra-large balls for you by request.

Crystal balls are not only for means of divination. Many use the ball to tap into the subconscious, to bring out hidden thoughts that the one receiving the reader may not be able to consciously access. The scryer (reader of the crystal ball) may draw out these unknown thoughts and make the querent more aware of untapped thoughts that may be holding them back.

when you first purchase a crystal ball, the first thing you should do it clean it to remove any energies of other people that may have handled it before you. It can be cleansed with mild, soapy water and a soft cloth or can be wiped off with vinegar water. When dry, smudge with white sage then hold the ball to bond it with your own energy.

Placing your crystal ball on a dark surface can help to diminish unwanted reflections, making it easy to stare into the ball for scrying.

It is best to use a stand or padded ring to rest your crystal ball upon. We carry wooden stands, padded pillows, and crystal stands for the ball.

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