Pomander Soap


pomander soap


We wanted a deep, rich, spicy soap. The essential oils used in our pomander spice soap are – lots of sweet orange, a bit of patchouli and cinnamon leaf essential oils. We needed more spice so we added powdered cloves and powdered cinnamon. Dark and mysterious. Men love it. The scent reminds you of bay rum.

$4.50 bar – pomander spice soap


Pomanders have been used in homes for hundreds of years but were very popular in Victorian times during the holiday season. Pomanders are various fruits, especially citrus fruits that are dried whole and studded with spices like cloves. These can help freshen the air, and they’re very easy to make given some whole cloves and a few oranges, lemons or tangerines. When the fruit is dried, the pomander can be hung from a ribbon and provides a natural and healthy way to make a home or a room smell sweet. Some people also make this type of pomander as a Christmas ornament.


Pure experimentation. We knew we needed a soap that was dark and spicy. We finally came up with our pomander bar, using many of the ingredients found in Christmas pomander ornaments. Just enough patchouli to hold in all those spicy scents but not enough for customers to call it a patchouli soap. Some people don’t realize patchouli is an ingredient until they read the label.


saponified oils of soybean, olive, coconut & shea butter.
Essential oils: sweet orange, patchouli, cinnamon leaf
Botanicals: powdered cinnamon and cloves
Color: brown oxide


“This is my Christmas soap. We bath with it all November and December.”
Marcie, St. Louis, MO

“My husband and I both like spicy soaps. The pomander is his favorite and I really love the spice tea soap”
Carrie, Franklin, TN