Clove Soap


clove soap


Our clove soap is made with real essential oil of clove and blended with real powdered clove. Clove soap is a favorite among people who loves spicy soaps and makes a wonderful man’s soap. Cloves have powerful medicinal properties. They are stimulating and have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic properties. They are also a natural anesthetic (due to the eugenol oil) which is why they were often used for dental procedures in centuries past and are still used in some cultures to remedy toothache.

$4.50 bar – clove soap


From the viewpoint of the soap maker, clove soap is an incredibly trick soap to make. The clove oil speeds up the soap making process dramatically, often to the point of the soap batch turning hard in the pot before it can be poured into the soap mold. The trick to making a great clove soap is to increase the amount of water used and experimenting to find that just-right amount of clove oil that will allow you to finish the batch. In other words, you have to be an efficient and fast soap maker.

But we get so many orders for our clove soap. Being a difficult soap to create makes it harder to find. Not every soap company offers clove soap because of this. Don’t worry, we’ve got the procedure down pat.


saponified oils of soybean, olive, coconut & shea butter.
Essential oils: clove.
Botanicals: powdered clove.
Color: none


“When our local soap maker went out of business, I was so happy to find a place to get my husband’s clove soap.”
Ellen, Lookout Mountain, TN

“Your clove is my favorite winter soap. I love it!”
Reagan, Evansville, IN

3 bars clove soap – $12.00