Shaving Soap


shaving soap


For this soap, we needed to amp up the ingredients to make it a shaving bar. Essential oils of peppermint and a dash of cinnamon to stimulate the whiskers. The addition of bentonite clay and superfatting with castor oil give it a slick, slippery lather – perfect for shaving. Organic powdered oats added.

$4.50 bar – shaving soap


Records drawn on cave walls show prehistoric people shaving with clamshells, flint knives, and even shark teeth. It’s not clear when these crude implements gave way to what we now think of as razors. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, circular solid gold or copper razors can be found as far back as the 4th millennium BC in some Egyptian tombs. Still other cultures sharpened volcanic obsidian glass and used those.Another story posits that the Roman king Lucius Tarquinius Priscus introduced the razor to his people in the 6th century BC, but shaving didn’t really catch on with Romans for another hundred years or so. In the 4th century BC, Alexander the Great encouraged his men to shave so enemies couldn’t grab their beards during melees. Alexander’s subjects were often shaved using a novacila, a block of iron with one edge sharpened, which sounds like a great way to shred your face.


Basically, we wanted to get away from all the chemical ingredients found in commercial shaving foams. The shaving soap is really simple to use – just lather up as if you were going to wash and instead of rinsing, shave! This was originally created as a man’s soap but before long our female customers told us how great it was for shaving their legs. We suppose they saw hubby’s shaving bar sitting there and curiosity got the best of them. We’re glad the ladies decided to experiment with the shaving soap.


saponified oils of soybean, olive, coconut, shea butter and castor.
Essential oils: peppermint, cinnamon leaf
Botanicals: powdered organic oats
Color: none
Other: bentonite clay


“My husband and I both use your shaving soap. We haven’t bought over the counter shaving products in almost three years.”
Angela, Springfield, MO

“I met you at the Nashville Fairground flea market a few years ago. I didn’t believe you when you said this soap would get rid of my razors bumps but I thought I would give it a try. It really worked and I don’t have those red spots on my neck anymore. Cool! Great job, fellas.”
Jim, Nashville, TN