Coffee Soap


coffee soap


Coffee soap is a favorite among chefs. Keep a bar of coffee soap in the kitchen to get rid of the smell of onions and garlic from your hands. Heaping full of finely ground coffee and brewed coffee. Plenty of powdered cocoa added. A rich, dark soap. Coffee soap is also said to temporarily decrease the appearance of cellulite. Scrub down with coffee soap right before that pool party!

$4.50 bar – coffee soap


We’re big coffee drinkers here at Aromagregory. The coffee we use in our coffee soap is also our favorite to drink – the Mystic Brew blend by the Nashville, Tennessee company Bongo Java Roasting company. The coffee is organic and fairtrade. There are plenty of weekends when you will find us at Bongo Java with our laptops, working on our writing, blogging or updating the website, coffee cup in hand. While all their locations are really cool, our hang-out of choice is their spot across from Belmont University.

We also love to cook with plenty of garlic, which is why the coffee soap is always in our kitchen at home.


saponified oils of soybean, olive, coconut & shea butter.
Essential oils: none
Botanicals: freshly ground coffee beans, powdered cocoa.
Color: a hint of brown and black oxides.


“I was skeptical when I bought the coffee soap. But, it really did get the small of onion off my hands. Terrific soap, guys.”
Martin, Allentown, PA

“I’m a collector of coffee memorabilia. I was excited when I found a coffee soap. Totally perky.”
Ray, Seattle, WA