Oatmeal Honey Soap


oatmeal honey soap


our oatmeal honey soap is probably our second-best seller. It is perfect for the person that wants absolutely no essential oils or scent in their soap. The natural smell of the cow’s milk, the Tennessee honey and the powdered organic oats ends up smelling slightly like poundcake. Lots of honey feels wonderful on the skin.

$4.50 bar – oatmeal honey soap

Q: Will your soap help my eczema?
A: Soaps are not allowed to be promoted as having curative or medicinal properties unless they are treated as, and get tested and certified as, medicines. So, we are not allowed to answer with a “yes” or a “no”. But we have had several regular customers who have stated that the soap has helped with problem skin. This may possibly be attributed to the relatively natural ingredients in our soaps. It may be preservatives, colorants or fragrances in commercial soaps that cause unpleasant reactions. Our suggestion is for an eczema sufferer to try our mildest bar, Oatmeal-Milk-and-Honey, and see how it works for their skin.


we didn’t set out to make an eczema soap but that is what we ended up with. Originally, we were just trying to make a simple bar of soap without any scent. Before long, customers returned to us telling stories of how much better their eczema was. Some claimed that it cleared up their eczema completely. So cool to come up with a soap that has helped so many people, even if it was by accident.


saponified oils of soybean, olive, coconut & shea butter.
Essential oils: none
Botanicals: organic powdered oats
Color: none
Other: honey, cow’s milk

Sorry, our oatmeal milk and honey soap is not a fav among Vegans because of the addition of the milk and honey. We have plenty of other soaps on hand for our vegan friends.


“Nothing the dermatologist ever prescribed for me has worked as well as your oatmeal honey soap”
Darlene, Burr Oak, IA

“It sounds strange, but my twelve year old daughter loves to wash the dishes. She couldn’t do it anymore because of the eczema on her hands. After a month of using the oatmeal soap and applying the shea butter at night, her hands are cleared up completely. Thanks, you guys.”
Bettina, Granholm, MI