Lavender Soap


lavender soap


Lavender is a plant that boasts its origins in the Mediterranean. This magical plant has healing powers that make it a popular ingredient in soap. The soft and floral scent of the lavender soap is famous for its relaxing properties, as well as all the nourishing capabilities the flower has when applied topically through the use of our lavender soap.

$4.50 bar – lavender soap


It is the first thing people think of when handmade soap comes to mind – lavender soap. Here at Aromagregory we are admitted lavender addicts. Lavender oil is found in so many of our products and lavender essential oil just can’t stay on the store shelf.

The lavender we use in our soap is a blend of French and English lavender. A small amount of titanium white makes a pretty contrast in this soap against the purple lavender buds. We currently make six types of lavender soap – one for every possible mood.

lavender soap
lavender rosemary soap
lavender orange soap
lavender patchouli soap
lavender orange soap
lavender lime soap (the lavender lime is how we get men to start using lavender. Shh. Don’t tell anyone)

However, the plain lavender soap is the one most people always add to their shopping basket. Most likely because there is nothing plain at all about our plain lavender soap so we’ll just call it – lavender soap. It prefers it that way.


saponified oils of soybean, olive, coconut & shea butter.
Essential oils: lavender.
Botanicals: lavender buds.
Color: titanium white


“So many lavender soaps have artificial fragrances in them and my skin can’t take that. Your lavender soap is exactly what I was looking for – a lavender soap with only real lavender oil!”
Mason, Ashland, NH

“I have tried plenty of lavender soaps over the years but I like Aromagregory’s lavender soap the best. It leaves my skin feeling so soft I rarely use lotion”
Kate, Newport, RI