Roy, left – Greg, right

If someone had told me in school that one day I would own a bath and body company, I wouldn’t have believed them. After all, I’d never even taken a chemistry class. But that didn’t matter because eventually life guides you in the direction it intends for you.

Back in 1998, I went to see a movie called Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. In the film, Bullock’s character Sally (a witch) opens up a little botanical shop called VERBENA. The visual of the store itself peaked my interest – its harsh white walls and shelving lined with dark glass bottles; corks dipped in beeswax with unknown beauty potions lurking inside. The parchment style labels, the botanical wall hangings, a basket of bright green pears on the checkout counter – it was all eye-candy for someone who had read a lot about herbs and herbal remedies.

Shortly after that, a friend offered me a job as assistant manager in her Garden Botanika store where she was the manager. The chain was in the process of closing approximately 200 stores (including hers), her current assistant manager had already found another position and it was hard for her to find someone who only wanted to take a job for four or five months. The next week I was standing behind the counter of the bath store, demonstrating hand creams and lotions, talking about soaps and body washes and helping customers blend their own fragrances in the custom fragrance bar.

Before the closing of the GB store, I began reading books of recipes and ordering in samples of fragrances. At first, like so many people, I didn’t know the difference in a fragrance oil and an essential oil. That summer, I made my first batch of handmade soap – plain, unscented. Obviously, I didn’t use enough sodium hydroxide (lye) because the batch never really got as hard as it should have and it eventually turned rancid. We all have to start somewhere.

By that autumn, I managed to talk my way into a job with a local candle supplier. I’d met her and began buying supplies from her before I ever made my first batch of soap. So by the time I went to her looking for a job, I turned out being pretty knowledgeable about everything she sold. She taught me how to make jar candles, votives and pillars and I taught her what I knew (so far) about bath products.

Summer of 2001 rolled around and I began setting up at an indoor flea market in Smyrna, TN and set up my folding table with stacks of soap on paper doilies – scents like: gardenia, cucumber melon and blackberry sage. Of course, by this time I was also including my latest discovery – jar candles.

In 2003 I met my future husband, Roy, who was also interested in learning candle and soap making. During this time, Roy also learned Reiki, fulfilling a long-time interest of his in the healing arts.

But, alas, we were not as green as we thought we were. During our first setup at a festival together our booth was across from another soap vendor, one with soaps only scented with real essential oils – lavenders and mints and eucalyptus and patchouli. We looked at our table of gardenia and fresh linen scented soaps and realized we were disappointed. Out came the essential oils books that night. By the next batch, our soaps were only scented with real essential oils – our very first batch being a lavender rosemary blend.

Our repertoire of products grew and we opened our first store that year – a tiny 375 square foot boutique packed with soaps, candles, lotions, incense, creams and scrubs. But traffic was terrible there. So, it closed in a little under a year. We began setting up monthly at the Nashville Fairgrounds Flea Market for most of 2004 and 2005.

In 2005, we both took a long-distance course (Canadian) in aromatherapy and upon completion, became official certified aromatherapists.

In 2006, we rented a larger store inside the same building as a yoga studio. As the business grew, we incorporated in 2012 as the Aromagregory Creative inc. company. Over the years, the store has continued to grow and show our variety of interests. We think of ourselves as much more than a natural soap and herb shop. We have grown to become a hip and funky New Age – Metaphysical store. In our shop you will find Nashville’s largest variety of essential oils, aromatherapy diffusers, over 250 teas and herbs, spiritual oils, tarot cards, books, gifts, and healing energy services such as Reiki and Reflexology.

Aromagregory is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Quality products and good customer service is the mainstay of the company. We’re sticklers for quality control, which shows in our fine products. Greg and Roy