Soap Recipes

Beeswax Oats soap recipe

Beeswax Soap This makes for a nice, hard bar of soap.  The warm and nutty-like smells of beeswax and oats is like bathing with comfort food.  Because of the beeswax in this recipe, it is better to use lower temperatures such as below 130 degrees F.  Works especially well when using the pre-cooled master batch method. 16 ounces vegetable shortening 14 ounces coconut oil 14 ounces olive oil 4 ounces cocoa butter 2 ounces castor oil 2.5 ounces beeswax 7 ounces lye 16.5 ounces distilled water 1/2 cup powdered oats 2 tablespoons honey 1/2 ounce palmarosa essential oil 1/2 ounce […]

Mosquito soap recipe

MOSQUITO SOAP There are many essential oils that fight off mosquitoes and ticks. Citronella is the most widely known and the most recognizable when it comes to the scent. Mixing citronella with other oils that have similar properties create an effective bug-fighting soap with a more appealing fragrance. 24 ounces soybean shortening 10 ounces olive oil 10 ounces coconut oil 13.5 ounces water 6.2 ounces lye 1 ounces citronella essential oil 1 ounce lemon eucalyptus essential oil 1/2 ounces lemongrass essential oil 1/2 ounces cedarwood essential oil ¼ teaspoon yellow oxide colorant A few years ago, the CDC put out […]

Oatmeal Honey soap recipe

OATMEAL MILK HONEY SOAP Our version really doesn’t have a fragrance but it feels wonderful on the skin. Personally, I think it smells like pound cake — everyone else says, “I don’t smell anything”. Many of our customers with eczema swear by this soap. For a more interesting and textured look, sprinkle whole oats onto the top of the soap right after pouring into the mold. 10 ounces olive oil 10 ounces coconut oil 24 ounces soybean shortening 13.5 ounces water 6.2 ounces lye 3 ounces cow’s milk 4 teaspoons powdered oatmeal 2 teaspoons powdered or regular honey The benefits […]

Lavender Patchouli soap recipe

LAVENDER PATCHOULI SOAP These two essential oils work wonderfully together. The patchouli makes the scent of lavender stronger while adding an earthy undertone at the same time. Since our company makes so many types of Lavender soap, I like to color this one pale brown to remind people about the addition of the patchouli. Usually, frequent customers go hunting for it by looking for the familiar color. 10 ounces olive oil 10 ounces coconut oil 24 ounces soybean shortening 13.5 ounces water 6.2 ounces lye 2 ounces lavender essential oil 1 ounces patchouli essential oil 1/16 teaspoon brown oxide colorant […]

Tangerine honey soap recipe

TANGERINE HONEY SOAP This recipe smells really wonderful in the shower but you can’t let it sit too long before cutting it into bars. Something about all the citrus in the recipe makes the loaf become really hard after twenty-four hours. If you find that you would like to anchor the tangerine scent a little more, try replacing half of the sweet orange essential oil with patchouli. 24 ounces soybean shortening 10 ounces olive oil 10 ounces coconut oil 13.5 ounces water 6.2 ounces lye 2 ounces tangerine orange essential oil 1 ounce sweet orange essential oil ¼ teaspoon yellow […]

Lavender soap recipe

LAVENDER SOAP Lavender soap is one of the first things that come to mind when people think about handmade soap. Few people realize how strong essential oils actually are. It takes an acre of lavender plants to get approximately twelve pounds of lavender essential oil. Best known for its relaxation qualities, lavender essential oil is the first thing we reach for in our household when it comes to burns and bug bites. 10 ounces coconut oil 10 ounces olive oil 24 ounces soybean shortening 13.5 ounces water 6.2 ounces lye 3 ounces lavender essential oil 2 teaspoons lavender buds follow […]

Grapefruit Orange soap recipe

GRAPEFRUIT ORANGE SOAP This bar is great for anyone that loves citrus scents. This particular soap takes a little longer to trace and the addition of calendula petals make pretty yellow flecks throughout the soap. Soaps with all citrus oils have a tendency to “lock in” the fragrance when cured. Meaning, the bar doesn’t seem to smell very strong but does when you get the soap wet in the bath or shower. If you’d like to anchor the scent a little more, replace ½ ounce of the sweet orange essential oil with patchouli essential oil. 10 ounces coconut oil 10 […]

Holiday Spice soap recipe

HOLIDAY POMANDER SPICE SOAP During Victorian times, it was popular to make po-manders to scent the room, especially at Christmas time. Normally, one would take an orange, puncture it with holes and fill the holes with whole cloves. Sometimes, it was then rolled in cinnamon and placed on a dish to scent the room. When dried, some used pomanders as ornaments for the holiday tree. Like the spice tea soap, some of the ingredients speed up trace. Feel free to use a bit more water if you run into problems. The best solution is to work quickly and get your […]

Tea Tree Ice Soap recipe

Tea Tree Ice Soap The reason we call this tea tree ice is because of the half ounce of peppermint used in the recipe. It is just enough to make a nice, cooling and tingly feeling on the skin. The tea tree works as a natural antifungal and antibacterial, great for problems like athletes foot. But this doesn’t have to be just a medicinal recipe. The inclusion of the lavender essential oil makes this blend a pleasing, refreshing scent. Base oils for soap recipe 2 ounces castor oil 11 ounces coconut oil 25 ounces olive oil 5 ounces palm oil […]

Castile Soap recipe

As a professional soap maker, the topic of castile soap is one of my personal pet peeves. It simply doesn’t mean what it used to. Originally produced in Spain, it was made from pure olive oil only. Today, companies use the term to describe a soap that is made using just one type of oil. I’ve seen others have a variety of oils in the ingredient list and put the word “castile” on the label. Oh well, enough ranting. Here’s a recipe for pure olive oil soap.