Crystal Balls in our Nashville Store

Crystal balls have been used for scrying and divination for thousands of years. The art or process of “seeing” is known as “scrying.” Scrying is the art of looking into a reflective surface, such as glass, water, a mirror, or a crystal, to gain mystical insight. The information gleaned then is used to make decisions in one’s life. Many of the crystal balls we carry here at aromaG’s are crystal, reconstituted quartz, selenite, and obsidian. You’ll find both large and small crystal balls in our Nashville store and we can order extra-large balls for you by request. Crystal balls are not only […]

How Essential Oils are Made

How Essential Oils are Made The following article is an excerpt from the book – ESSENTIAL OILS AND AROMATHERAPY: HOW TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS FOR BEAUTY, HEALTH, AND SPIRITUALITY by Gregory Lee White. Available on Amazon in print edition and on Kindle. DISTILLATION Many of the most common essential oils are steam distilled. It is the same process you see in the movies of people making moonshine. Sometimes the big copper coil and all are used. The plant matter, which may consist of flowers, roots, leaves, and more, is placed in the distillation apparatus with water (also known as an […]

Where to buy essential oils in Nashville

Where To Buy Essential Oils in Nashville TN Our aromatherapy shop has the largest variety of essential oils in Nashville carrying over sixty different essential oils. We purchase our essential oils in bulk from reputable suppliers who buy directly from the farms that harvest the plants and distill the oils. When they arrive to us, we bottle them in half ounce bottle and place our oil resistant aromagregory labels. This is why our essential oils are more affordable than other companies. We do not multi level market our oils, so there is no need to inflate the prices in order […]

Essential Oil and Aromatherapy book

Essential Oil and Aromatherapy book Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: How to Use Essential Oils for Beauty, Health, and Spirituality is written in a personable and easy to understand style and covers all of the important aspects of aromatherapy and essential oils. Reads like a conversation instead of a text book. Authored by a professional aromatherapist, it includes the history of aromatherapy, how to use the oils, the chemistry of essential oils, how to create a balanced blend, how essential oils are made, the carrier oils used in blends, scent notes, a few questionable aspects of the industry, recipes to get […]

New soap packaging

we have finally come up with a retail packaging for the soap bars that we are happy with. Each bar is shrink wrapped with the ends left open for smelling. The label is glossy white – something I’d been looking for for a long time in the right size. can now forego the baskets of soap and line up the bars on the shelf. This gives us the room to display five types of soap per shelf where, before, only three baskets would fit.

natural soap nashville flea market

We were permanent vendors at the Nashville Flea Market for almost three years before opening our store. Once the store opened and we shared in the weekend duties of running a retail shop, attending the flea market was no longer possible. Also, our girls were younger then and it sometimes interfered with our weekends with them. But now, over five years later, we’re happy to announce they we are returning to the Nashville Flea Market. By the way, the fairgrounds property is now renamed by Nashville Metro as: The Nashville Expo Center. The girls are all grown up, Roy has […]

Soap Making Class Scheduled

February 16th from 12 noon – 2 pm. Besides basic soap making instruction, includes copy of Greg’s book: Making Soap From Scratch – A Beginner’s Guide & Beyond (retail value, $11.95) and three bars of soap, your choice (retail value, $12.00)See our class page for more details  

Two Men equals more soap, less stress

Roy has finally retired from his stress-laden job at the State of Tennessee after 28 years. We’ve been talking about it for years, planning for the day when we could work side by side in the company. Two men equals more soap production, faster turnaround times, and time to return to doing fairs, markets and special events. It is also the beginning of having more time to actually work on our vegetable garden, take day trips when the mood strikes, or have a coffee shop office day. Of course, he’s also working out in our home studio where he takes […]

Making Soap Book Now on Sale

I’ve been working for the past several months revamping my book MAKING SOAP FROM SCRATCH. I listened closely to all of the reviews I read and also the direct feedback from readers. From their feedback, I included all the things that readers/reviewers felt were missing from the first edition: more instructions on STANDARD soap making, more recipes for standard soap making, how to swirl colors in soap, how to sell soap, how to cut and cure soap, how to set up a booth at a craft fair or market. The original “Bubbles and Bull” section where I described past business […]

Cheap essential oils and poor service

A customer came into our Nashville store the other day to buy essential oils of lavender, rosemary, and tea tree. But when she saw the price of our lavender (it is only $11.00) she said, “oh, it was cheaper at X”  And, no, I’m not going to mention who X is. But I do know who X is. The thing is, X opened a business in Nashville a few years ago with the idea of seeking out local vendors who were experts in their field – a way to fill their wellness store with the best local products available.  They […]