aromaG’s botanica is your source for all things herbal, aromatic, and esoteric. Try our scented candles, incense, and aromatherapy oils in your own sacred space and feel the energy that awaits you. We think of ourselves as much more than a natural soap and herb shop. We are also a hip and funky New Age – Metaphysical store. In our shop you will find one of Nashville’s largest variety of essential oils, aromatherapy diffusers, over 300 teas and herbs, two certified aromatherapists on site, healing energy services such as Reiki and Reflexology as well as tarot and psychic readings. Our space is also shared by private practices such as a full yoga studio. Life is a magical journey filled with wondrous discoveries along with bumps in the road — and today’s journey requires information, services, and merchandise that provide Hope and Empowerment. We offer an inspiring atmosphere of books and merchandise to support the Spirit, Therapies to relax the body, and products to ease the mind.

natural soap

Natural Handmade Soap

Soap is our passion, its what we do best. Since 1999 we have been producing thousands of pounds of natural handmade soap. We offer retail, wholesale for stores and bulk private label soap on our sister site. HANDMADE SOAP – Every kind of natural soap from: six types of lavender to mint soaps, spices, mild bars, exfoliating, facials soaps – all made by hand in our Tennessee workshop. Only vegetable oils are used to make our soaps, created with olive, coconut, soybean and shea butter along with real essential oils and fragrant herbs.

Homemade soap means different things to different people – mainly defined by those who actually make home made soap.For some soap makers, it means exactly what it says – it is a small batch of soap made in the home for personal use. But we think it can mean much more than that. To us, handmade soap is a soap that is artisan crafted in small batches where careful attention is given to each recipe. To us, it must be made by hand – not by large machines where the ingredients are poured into giant drums. Browse our complete list here or see links at top of the page for our soap categories.

activated charcoal soap

nashville tea

Loose Teas and Herbs – Tea pots and Infusers

Serving tea in Nashville for over a decade. Many know us for our handmade soaps and aromatherapy, but we’ve been brewing and selling tea since our first store opened its doors back in 2004. Located in the heart of Hip Donelson, in our Nashville tea shop we offer over 170 herbs, teas, and blends as well as all kinds of infusers, tea steepers, and teapots. Herbs and teas sold loose from sample sizes up to bulk bags. Cups of tea to go or have a cup or pot right in our shop. Specialty iced teas in summer, hot tea all year round.

All teas, herbs, herbal blends, and tea pots and infuser accessories are available right here on our website in full cup bags (a full cup of herbs or tea makes around 25 cups of tea.) Browse all of our tea pages on this gateway page, showing all of our tea and herb selections HERE.

essential oils

Pure essential oils at affordable prices

Real essential oils CAN be affordable when you purchase them from a smaller company that doesn’t invest a lot of money in recruiting sales reps and printing fancy brochures. Our essential oils come from the farms where they are grown, straight to our supplier, and then to us. They go through the gas chromatography testing to insure they are pure, undiluted essential oils. aromagregory essential oils come in 1/2 ounce (15 ml) bottle with built in euro dropper. This link takes you to our page that lists ALL of our essential oils in one spot. However, don’t overlook the links on the top of each page of our site under the ‘essential oils’ tab where you can view each and every oil individually and learn more about that particular oil.check out our one-stop essential oils page here.

essential oil blends

Essential Oil Blends

aromagregory essential oil blends are created by a certified clinical aromatherapist. Each one is formulated to bring about positive change and tackle conditions such as: anxiety, stress, and headaches as well as blends for prayer, sore muscles, insect repellent and more. Blends come in 1/2 ounce (15 ml) bottles with built in euro dropper. Our prayer and meditation blend is a favorite among many yoga and meditation studios. check out our essential oil blends here.

soy candles

SOY CANDLES – Why are you paying $25 for a Mall Candle?

Really, why would you do that when our fragrances are just as wonderful, our candles burn longer, and they cost less that half as much? Soy candles burn cooler, so they burn longer. Our big jar candles are eleven ounces and last around 65 hours – as long as you keep the wick trimmed. Check out or big jar soy candles here for only $12 each.

aromatherapy candles

Aromatherapy Soy Candles with real essential oils

natural soy wax to create a longer burning,
soot-free candle blended with real, plant-derived essential oils. Amber glass jar with lid. Burn time, up to 45 hours. only $12.00 here on our aromatherapy candle page.

facebook aromatherapy

Aromagregory Creative Inc. on FACEBOOK

Be sure to like us on facebook. We post lots of new information there that you won’t always find on the website such as: last minute classes and updates, pictures of our store and events, pics of products we’re testing in the retail store that aren’t on the website, latest events and where we are and more. Check out our facebook page here

New Age and Metaphysical items in our Nashville store:

While our Nashville shop has numerous items, many of the products below are found right here on our website …



check out the VIDEO TOUR of our store above

      • earth religion books
      • tarot instruction books
      • reiki and healing modalities books
      • herbal books
      • aromatherapy books
      • new age books
      • tarot cards
      • Lenormand cards




  • lucky mojo oils
  • lucky mojo loose incense
  • lucky mojo herbs, minerals, roots
  • lucky mojo waters and washes
  • lucky mojo hoodoo books


  • California white sage (loose and smudge bundles)
  • lavender and sage bundles
  • cedar and sage bundles
  • sweetgrass and sage bundles
  • charcoal burning disks
  • abalone shells
  • smudging feathers
  • resins


  • pendulums (large variety)
  • Gemstones (tigers eyes, sodalite, pyrite, adventurine, citrine, bloodstone, many more….)
  • religious jewelry
  • multi-faith jewelry
  • saints medallions
  • beaded bracelets
  • hematite rings
  • crystals balls



handmade soap

Soap Sets – 3 pack Specials

In our retail store, customers get a special price when they purchase 3 bars of soap at a time. We wanted to find a way to offer this same deal to our internet customers. Here’s some of our best sellers divided up into 3 packs specials. $12.95 per 3 pack. Soap sets price available on this shopping page only.

soap sampler

Soap Samplers and Soap Gifts

Our soap samplers and Whoops Bags make great hostess and teachers gifts. They’re also a perfect way for you to try several kinds of soap without buying a whole, larger bar. Our SOAP SAMPLER is 5 bars of soap, each weighing over 1 oz. each. Stacked and wrapped in corrugated board then tied with hemp and hang tag. Our WHOOPS BAG is for the more adventurous – those who want to be surprised. Slices add up to an entire 3/4 pound of handmade soap. The tag reads: Nobody is perfect. End pieces of soap, soap that turned out the wrong color, special orders that were never picked up —– hey, its still the same great soap we always make. These pieces just didn’t grow up to become our normal, handcut bars that we label.

chakra oil

Chakra Anointing Oils

The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body. The chakra oil blends were created by Gregory who is not only a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist but he also performs chakra alignments. They are blended in fractionated coconut oil so that they can be applied directly to the skin as an anointing oil. The essential oils chosen for the blends are based on the color and vibration for each chakra. 1/2 ounce (15 ml) bottle with built in euro dropper. get your colors jiving and your body all “chakrafied” on this page

sea bath salt

Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Bath salts provide a variety of benefits. Salts change the osmotic balance of the water so that less water is absorbed by the skin via osmosis. This reduces the “pruning” or “wrinkling” effect of prolonged exposure of skin to fresh water. Some bath salts such as phosphates have a detergent action which softens calloused skin and aids in exfoliation. Our aromatherapy bath salts are scented with real essential oils and come in a variety of choices. Check them out here.

natural insect spray

Hikers Campers Spray – Natural Insect Repellent

Everyone who uses our Hikers Soap can tell you how well it works keeping off mosquitoes and ticks. But what about those times when you didn’t plan ahead and take a bath in the Hikers soap? It’s Hikers and Campers SPRAY to the rescue. Repel mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests naturally with a perfectly balanced blend of essential oils of lemon eucalyptus, citronella, cedarwood atlas, and lavender. DIRECTIONS: Lightly mist on body and clothing. When hiking, spray generously around ankles. Check out our Hikers and Campers spray here.

shea butter lotion

Handmade Shea Butter Aromatherapy Lotion

Made by hand, this creamy lotion is made in small batches one gallon at a time. Contains luxury oils such as shea butter, castor and olive. So good — we even get big tough men to start using our lotion. Of course, women love it too. Heavy enough for long winters and just light enough to use all throughout the summer. Get all lotioned up here.

body butter

Hand and Body Butter – No Preservatives Added, all natural

All natural. Created as an extra thick cream that stays with you longer between hand washings. Suggested for those that must wash hands frequently such as: Doctors, Nurses, Restaurant workers, etc. Ingredients: olive oil, shea butter, soybean oil, castor oil, vitamin E and essential oils of: lavender, lemongrass, palmarosa & bergamot.. No preservatives added. Also comes in lavender-vanilla.check out our hand butter here


Aromagregory – About Our Company

Here’s the story of who we are, who this gregory dude is, where we’re located, and all the quirky little details on how a movie about a little bath shop and a family of witches was the original inspiration for our company. read all the juicy details here.

aromatherapy blog

Our Blog – Aromatherapy Recipes and Chatter

Here’s where we run our mouths about a variety of topics including: aromatherapy, recipes, soap making, what’s going on in the industry, and how to use our essential oils to make a variety of products. enter the blogosphere of our ramblings and occasional knowledge here.

nashville soap store

Our Nashville Retail Store – Where it is and What’s Inside

Our Nashville, Tennessee retail location is located inside the One2Yoga building near the Nashville Airport at 223 Donelson Pike – not far from Opry Mills and Opryland Hotel, right in the middle of Hip Donelson. Here you will find everything for the mind, body and spirit: yoga classes, licensed massage therapist, reflexology, healing room, a full loose and herbal tea bar, tarot card readings, workshops and more along with all the soaps, lotions, candles and body care that we’re so famous for. get all the details about our hip little shop here

soap aromatherapy books

Check out our books on soap making and aromatherapy

when he is not making soap, Gregory White is the author of several books. More than a decade of experience in soap making and aromatherapy led to his 2012 book, MAKING SOAP FROM SCRATCH: HOW TO MAKE HANDMADE SOAP – A BEGINNERS GUIDE AND BEYOND (an Amazon Bestseller in soap making books). It was followed up in 2013 by his book ESSENTIAL OILS AND AROMATHERAPY: HOW TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS FOR BEAUTY, HEALTH, AND SPIRITUALITY. check out these books here.

nashville classes

Calendar of Classes

We offer a wide range of classes in our Nashville store. Soap making classes, candle making classes, aromatherapy classes, lotion and bath and body classes – most things that deal with our industry. Other times you may find jewelry making workshops, herbs and teas, folklore lectures, drumming circles, chakra workshops, and shamanic journeying among others. Check out our EVENTS page to see what’s coming up next.see our events page here.